Calibration Services

Calibration Cell coordinates the calibration and traceability requirements of the campus. The cell carries out these activities using its in house capabilities and where ever required, coordinates with the external agencies to meet the requirements. Reference materials are maintained by the cell for ensuring traceability of measurement to national / international standards.

Mechanical and thermal calibrations carried out by Calibration Cell are accredited by NABL, India. Mechanical calibration involves volumetric glassware, micropipettes, electronic balances, mass sets and rotational speed. Calibration of Relative Humidity (RH) monitors, thermometers and temperature chambers such as incubators are included in the thermal category.

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Surface characterization technique - Profilometry

1. Confocal Profilometry (Taly-surf CLI 1000)


Gauge/Type : Confocal / 300μm
Working distance (z-axis) : 5 mm
Nominal range(z-axis) : 300 µm
Step height repeatability : 2 nm
Nominal range (X-Y axis) : 100mm x 100mm
Resolution (X-Y axes) : 0.5 μm
Software : TalyMap Gold


Imaging surface topography
Estimation of surface finish
Coating Thickness Estimation


2. NABL Accredited Volume Calibration Services

Volume calibration is being carried out as per the following standards.

ASTM E 542 : Standard practice for calibration of laboratory volumetric apparatus
ISO 8655 : part 6 – Piston operated volumetric apparatus – Gravimetric method for the determination of measurement error


Volume to contain type (standard flask, measuring cylinder etc) : 2ml to 500 ml
Volume to deliver type (Pipettes, burettes etc) : 10 µl to 100 ml


3. NABL Accredited Mass Calibrations

Mass calibration is being carried out as per the following standards

OIML111 : Part 1: Metrological and technical requirements

Range : Class F2 mass sets upto 2 Kg


4. NABL Accredited Electronic balances Calibration

Calibration is being carried out using Class E2 reference mass as per OIML R-76 international recommendation for Non-automatic weighing instruments.

Range : Up to 500g


5. NABL Accredited Rotational Speed Calibration

Calibrations of rotational speed is being performed using noncontact stroboscope by comparison method

Range : Up to 20,000 rpm


6. NABL Accredited Thermal Calibration Services

Thermal calibrations are being carried out as per the following national / international standards.

ASTM E77 : Standard Test Method for inspection and verification of Thermometers
ASTM E 145 : Standard specification for Gravity - convection and Forced ventilation Ovens

Ovens / Incubators / water baths (Temperature distribution measurement – five to nine locations within the chamber)

Range : (-5 to +200) ºC

Liquid in glass thermometers, TC / RTD / Thermistor sensors with indicator, Temperature gauges

Range : -20 ºC to +200 ºC

Relative Humidity Indicators

Range : 40% to 90%


7. Non accredited Calibrations

Spectrophotometer Calibrations

Sterilizer Validations (IQ,OQ and PQ)

     Ethylene Oxide