Dr. Sanjeev V. Thomas
Professor Senior Grade & Head
Phone :
91 (471) 2524468

DM (Neurology); SCTIMST,Trivandrum; 1988.

Dip NBE; National Board of Exam; 1985.

MD (Gen. Medicine); University of Kerala; 1984.

MBBS; University of Kerala; 1980.

Senior Professor of Neurology Continuing

Professor of Neurology Department of Neurology; SCTIMST,Trivandrum; 2004 onwards.

Additional Professor of Neurology Department of Neurology; SCTIMST,Trivandrum; 1998 -2003.

Associate Professor of Neurology Department of Neurology; SCTIMST,Trivandrum; 1994 - 1997.

Assistant Professor of Neurology Department of Neurology; SCTIMST,Trivandrum; 1990 - 1993.

Associate Dean (Student Affairs) 2014-15

Head, R. Madhavan Nair Centre for Comprehensive Epilepsy Care 2013- continuing

Head, Kerala Registry of Epilepsy and Pregnancy 1998 - continuing

Chairman Technical Advisory Committee Clinical Studies two terms 2013-2015, 2008-2009

Member Technological Development Committee, SCTIMST 2013-2015

Member Technology Transfer Committee 2012-2015

Chairman, Board of studies Neurosciences 2011-14

Program Director DM Neurology 2008-12

Program Director, PDF Epilepsy and Electroencephalography

Member, Internal Project Evaluation Committee, SCTIMST 2010-15

Deputy Medical superintendent 1994-96

Convener Hospital Management committee 1994-96

Member, Hospital Infection Committee two terms 1994-96, 2010-13

Member, Library Committee 2010-13

Medical Superintendent March 2020 onwards continuing

Fulbright Visiting Lecturer Fellowship (2010-11) to Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

ICMR International visiting fellowship (2009) to visit University of Texas, USA.

Fogarty Fellowship on Epilepsy (1994) at NIH, Bethesda, USA .

FAMS -Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences

FANA - Fellow of American Neurological Association

FAAN - Fellow of American Academy of Neurology

FIAN- Fellow of Indian Academy of Neurology

Vimla Virmani Award (2008) from National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi for the paper on Psychosocial and economic burden of epilepsy in India.

Tadakoro Award (2006) for the best paper presented at the Asia Oceanian Epilepsy Congress, Bangkok, Thailand.

Young Scientist award (1989) from the Kerala Council for Science Technology and Environment for the paper presented at the Annual Meeting in 1989.

SS Rao Gold Medal (1979) from the Indian Medical Association for standing first in final MBBS examination in all Kerala.

Ambassador for Epilepsy by ILAE, IBE 2019

Epilepsy - Management of intractable epilepsy, Epilepsy & Pregnancy and other related gender issues of epilepsy, Cognitive and neuropsychological aspects, Benign Childhood Epilepsy with Centro Temporal Spikes, Genetic aspects of Epilepsy, Pharmacogenomics of epilepsy, Oxidative stress in epilepsy, Economic aspects and Community management of epilepsy.

Clinical Neurophysiology Evoked potential studies, Video EEG studies etc.


Patient care.


Guiding Ph D Scholars.

Clinical and translational Research.

Fellow of Indian Academy of Neurology (FIAN).

Fellow of National Academy of Medicine (FAMS)

Member, Teratology Society, USA.

Member, American Academy of Neurology.

Member, American Epilepsy Society.

Member, Indian Academy of Neurology.

Member, Neurological Society of India.

Member, Indian Epilepsy Association.

Member, Indian Epilepsy Society.

Member, Association of Physicians India.

Member, Indian Medical Association.

Member of Indian Social Science Congress.

Kerala Registry of epilepsy and Pregnancy

Study of Carbamazepine induced embryotoxicity in relation to MDR1 polymorphism and Pgp expression

Quantification of Disability in Epilepsy

Growing beyond Barriers: Epilepsy care through schools

Effect of Palliative exercises on management of dysarthria in patients with MND and SCA

Seizure prediction program Phase 2

Study of survival status of patients admitted for evaluation of refractory epilepsy

Source localization of IED

Stigma prejudice and discrimination among people with epilepsy

FMRI, DTI, VBM Children of women with epilepsy

MDR polymorphism in yeast


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