Division of Experimental Pathology

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The division has a fully equipped histopathology facility, tissue culture facility, cryopreservation of biological samples, immunohistochemistry etc


The services offered by the lab include autopsy of small animals, grossing, sampling, tissue processing, embedding, microtomy and different staining methods like hematoxylin & eosin and special stains. The lab also offers histopathology evaluation.


1. Development of Bioartifical skin grafts from mammalian derived scaffolds. Funding agency: Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

2. Prototyping of skin-graft substitutes for wound healing applications using cholecyst-derived extracellular matrix. Funding agency: SCTIMST.

3. Development of Technologies for isolation and characterization of tissue-engineering-scaffolds from mammalian organs and tissues. Funding agency: Department of Biotechnology, Government of India

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1. Tissue Engineering Scaffolds of Animal (mammalian) Origin: The research theme centers on the development and use of decellularised animal tissues as biomaterials for tissue engineering application. The lab has developed bio artificial skin grafts using porcine sub mucosal extracellular matrix extracted from small intestine, urinary bladder and gall bladder. The lab also interest on study of immune response pathways activated by these scaffold xenografts in animal models.

2. Pathology of Laboratory Animals