Division of In Vivo Models and Testing

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The primary function of this laboratory is to develop animal models for the evaluation of medical devices and conduct preclinical animal studies as per GLP requirement. (not GLP certified). The division also provides animal models for proof of concept studies.


Fully equipped Operation Theatre for large animal surgeries including open heart surgery.

Cardiac catheterization / Interventional radiology theatre.

C Arm Vascular imaging system, Anesthesia machines, Cardiac monitors, Heart lung machine, Operating microscope, Ultra sound scanner, Ventilators/ Infusion pumps, Syringe pumps.

Transthoracic and TE Echocardiography.

AD Instruments Powerlab 4/30 for acquiring physiological pressure and electrical events.

Clinical laboratory for blood gas analysis, coagulation analysis, serum biochemistry and hematology and clinical pathology.

Sterilization (steam/ETO/chemical)

Post-operative acute care for large animals.

X-ray radiography.

The division also has a CPCSEA registered Large animal house which houses and breeds large experimental animals such as sheep (Ramnad White and Vemboor breeds) , pig (Ankamali pigs) and dogs (Basset hound). The division also has facility to provide round the clock veterinary care for experimental animals. The division has experience in animal evaluation of devices such as heart valve, vascular graft, blood oxygenators, coronary stents, ureteric stents, cvp catheters, PDA closure device, bone substitutes, dental materials, biological materials etc. The division has also developed pig model of myocardial infarction, rabbit model of limbal stem cell deficiency, dog model of sub arachnoid hemorrhage etc.


Preclinical animal evaluation of medical devices.

Proof of concept studies using animal models.

  1. Development of decellularised animal tissue for cardiovascular application (DBT funded).
  2. Preclinical animal evaluation of decellularised bovine pericardium as dura substitute. Funded by TDF, SCTIMST.

Two Patents.

Technology Transfers

Two Technology Transfers.


The division is involved in the development of decellularised animal tissue for biomedical application. In this project a non-detergent based decellularisation technique was developed and patented. Using this technique bovine tissue such as bovine pericardium and bovine jugular vein was decellularised and was subjected to post processing modifications to minimize immunogenicity, calcification and adverse tissue response. Biological response of the above tissue was studied using in-vitro methods and as well as using animal models of heterotopic and orthotopic implantations. The animal tissue thus developed is undergoing final preclinical evaluations.