Division of Laboratory Animal Science

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The mandate given to the Division of Laboratory Animal Science (DLAS) at BMT Wing, SCTIMST, is on "humane care, management and supply of small laboratory animals of quality" for accredited testing and scientific research activities.

The division also extends technical assistance to Research Scholars and Scientists for performing animal experiments. The care and management of animals in DLAS is as per ISO 10993- Part-II guidelines on an International platform and under CPCSEA guidelines on the National platform.

Training for Research Scholars in the care and management of laboratory animals, and regulatory aspects in animal experimentations are imparted in DLAS on a regular basis. The Division also carries out animal experiments for research purpose and non-accredited tests as directed by the Institute.

The animals have gained an International Nomenclature status with a Unique Lab Code "Sctb" as per the Guidelines for Nomenclature of Mouse and Rat Strains regulated by the International Committee on Standardized Genetic Nomenclature for Mice and Rats.

The Division has a short term Future plan on setting up a model experimental animal facility with Individually Ventillated Cages and a long term goal of getting Accredited with AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care) International.


Animal House, Holding and Breeding, Experimental Animal Facility


Small Laboratory Animal Supply, Animal Blood and Serum, Invasive procedures for research applications in small lab animals, Assistance in Research regarding various materials for Bio Medical applications, Imparting Human Resource Development in the Area of Laboratory Animals Science etc

  1. Generating Osteoporosis Model and interventional implantation in rat femur defect model to study the potential of a cell-seeded bone material.
  2. Sterile isolation of adipose tissue from Rabbits and Rats to assist the study of isolation of stem cells for bone-regeneration studies..
  3. Research involving Cardiac output, ECG and Non invasive BP measurements in SHR and Wistar Rats.
  4. Training programme in animal handling, CPCSEA regulations and laws in India, ethics and basic techniques- for PhD students and research scholars.
  5. Animal house Managers training course.
  6. Paper Pulp based Eco Friendly Laboratory Rodent Contact Bedding Material.
  1. "Incidence of Chirodiscoides caviae in Laboratory Rats- Screening, Identification and Treatment". V.S. Harikrishnan, V.R. Rana Raj and A.C.Fernandez. Scandinavian Journal of Laboratory Animal Science, 2009 vol. 36 No.2. Pg. 147-153.