Division of Polymeric Medical Devices

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Polymer processing lab focuses on the development of new polymers, polymeric formulations, composites and devices suitable for different biomedical applications. The lab is equipped with facilities for compounding/mixing, moulding, extrusion and electrospinning facilities. The lab is also equipped with equipment for static testing and dynamic mechanical analysis of polymeric materials. Facilities for polymer synthesis are also in place.

Infrastructure, Equipments

Extruder-single screw and twin screw (Haake Polylab), Plasticorder (Brabender), Microinjection moulder (DSM),Compression moulding hydraulic press (Santec), Two roll mixing mill, Cryogenic grinder for size reduction (Retzch), Universal testing machine (Instron), Dynamic mechanical analyzer (Triton), UV spectrophotometer (Shimadzu), Electrospinning unit (Holmarc).


Mechanical testing of polymers, ceramics and other medical devices, compounding and processing of polymers, dynamic mechanical analysis of polymers.

  1. Pre-clinical evaluation of fluoropassivated and hydrogel sealed vascular graft: Funded by M/s. TTK healthcare Ltd. (PI: Roy Joseph).
  2. Combination products of polymer ceramic nanocomposites with cells and growth factors for bone tissue engineering applications: Funded by Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India (PI. Dr. P. Ramesh).
  3. Development of durasubstitute by electrospinning of e-caprolactone-co- lactide polymers: Funded by KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala (PI. Dr. P. Ramesh)
Research areas of Roy Joseph:

Processing and testing of polymers for biomedical applications, mechanical and dynamic testing of polymeric materials, polymer-ceramic/bioglass composites, sustained drug delivery systems, radiopaque polymers for medical applications, surface coating on medical devices, hydrogel systems, solubilization of curcumin for medical applications.

Research areas of P. Ramesh:

Polymeric biomaterials for medical devices and implants, processing of biomedical polymers, nanocomposites, biodegradable and bioactive composites, electrospinning of polymers and composites, polymeric bioelectrodes and conductive hydrogels.