Cellular and Molecular Cardiology

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The Division aims at fostering interdisciplinary research in cardiovascular biology, focusing on the etiology and pathogenesis of cardiac diseases. A full-fledged cell culture facility with standardized protocols for the isolation and culture of cardiac fibroblasts and cardiomyocytes permits incisive investigations in cardiac biology which, at this point in time, include: isolation and cloning of human resident adult cardiac stem cells; determination of the genetic component in hypertension and cardiac hypertrophy; metabolic modulation in the prevention of cardiac remodeling, and molecular mechanisms in collagen turnover, cell cycle progression and apoptosis resistance in cardiac fibroblasts.


The Division has well-equipped cell culture laboratories where culture of cardiac myocytes, cardiac fibroblasts and cardiac stem cells is carried out. Facilities are available for undertaking studies on the physiology and molecular biology of the heart.


Isolation of DNA is carried out on request from the clinical departments of the Institute.

  1. Research in the Division is supported by externally funded projects from DBT, DST, DRDO, ICMR and KSCSTE. The Division undertakes studies in collaboration with the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Science, NIA/NIH, USA.