Finance & Accounts

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Finance and Accounts Division undertakes accounting of Income and Expenditure of the Institute. Income includes Plan and Non-plan grants received from the Department of Science and Technology, Hospital Services, Royalty and testing charges generated by Bio-medical Technology wing at Poojapura. Expenditure includes Construction, all Establishment and other administrative expenses. F & A Division carries out all monthly TDS and statutory remittance and issuance of Form 16/Form 16A. Further we have the responsibility for Investment management, annual budgeting and yearly Accounts Finalization. We also form part of various committees such as Finance Committee, Building Committee and negotiation meetings.

  1. We have a separate section in the Hospital wing for patient billing with three cash counters. We follow-up credits/receivables from Health schemes of various institutions like CGHS, ECHS, VSSC, RCC, PMF, DHS and so on. Refund to patients/institutions after the treatment are effected by the F & A Division.
  2. The F & A Division does the monthly payment of salaries and allowances to the employees of the Institute. Besides this, facilities of LTA, PF Loans, Medical reimbursements, Retirement/Pension payment etc. to the employees are facilited by us. We also issue Salary Certificates and other salary based undertaking letters to Banks and other financial institutions as per request by the employees.