Medical Records

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Medical Records Department (MRD) caters the clinical, academic, legal, administrative requirements of the Institute. Unit medical records system is being practiced. The department is equipped with a team of trained personnel. The medical records are being digitized and a total Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) is expected in the near future. The movement of records is automated and is being controlled by digitized tracking system. Considering confidentiality of patient information, records are stored in a protected area with security measures. Medical Records Department continues to play its role as one of the vital departments of the Institute.

Registration, admissions of patients
Appointment for review, admissions, investigations, operations etc
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of medical records
Coding and indexing of diagnosis, procedures using International Classification of Diseases and Procedures (ICDP).
Supply of case records to clinical and academic activities
Supply of health care statistics on request
Generation and circulation of monthly and annual statistical bulletins.
Reporting of deaths to corporation authorities
Legal custody of medico-legal case records
Issue of various certificates
Control of record forms/pamphlets etc.
Pruning and inactivation of records
Scanning of records as a measure of digitizing the department
Generation, preservation and supply of medical records for various purposes
Supply of health care statistics to administrative and academic pursuits
Staggered appointment system for new registration and review patients maintained.
Online / postal patient correspondence
Telephonic enquiries
Phone numbers : Senior Medical Records Officer - 0471 2524415, Assistant Medical Records Officer - 0471 2524436.
Various certificates are issued
  1. Treatment certificates
  2. Insurance claim certificates
  3. Attendance certificate
  4. Financial assistance (Prime Minister's, Chief Minister's relief funds etc) certificates
  5. Estimate certificates to claim advances from departments
  6. Estimates for ESI, CGHS, ECHS, Credit facilities.
  7. Train concession certificate
  8. Train reservation certificates
  9. Institute recognition certificate
An academic programme, Diploma in Medical Records Science (DMRSc) is being offered with an intake of two candidates per year.
Students / trainees of other institutes are given observation facilities on request through proper channel.