Nursing Education

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Formal Speciality nursing education was initiated by the Institute in the year 1988 to meet the growing demand for competent critical care nurses in Cardiac and Neurospecialities. A formal program of 10 months duration, ' The Post Basic Certificate Programe in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Nursing'. A similar programe in Neuronursing was commenced in the year 1992. The duration of the programes was extended to one year from the year 1993 and to two years from the year 2005, with a change in Nomenclature to Diploma programe in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Nursing as well as Diploma programe in Neuro nursing.


These programs are based on the beliefs about critical care nursing and nursing education. It is believed that a critical care nurse requires knowledge and skill in human relations besides clinical knowledge, judgement and technical competency to be a skillful bedside nurse. In order to assume the added responsibility of patient education and unit management she or he needs to have knowledge, skill and attitude in teaching and administration. The candidate also requires basic knowledge to utilise nursing research in the clinical field. It is also believed that the learners need independence and so these programs uses adult educational theories where the teacher takes the role of a facilitator.