Transfusion Medicine

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Division of Blood Transfusion services was set up in 1976 by Col Luxa of the Armed Forces Medical Corps in a truly professional way. This Blood Bank was the first in the State to have Blood component separation facility way back in the eighties. Department provides round the clock service. Today the Blood Bank has grown into a full-fledged Department of Transfusion Medicine with 100% Blood component separation facility including apheresed products. The functioning of the Blood Bank right from screening of donors to issue of blood is governed by a Manual of Standard Operating Procedure (Version 3) that incorporates the best practices in the country. We have state of the art equipments installed in the Department in commensurate with technological advances in blood component preparation and immunohaematology. With the continued support of a pool of repeat regular donors, the percentage of voluntary blood donors have doubled in the past five years and our aim is to achieve 100% voluntary blood donation in the coming years. Continuous public awareness programs on voluntary blood donations are conducted. We also organize programs on Clinical transfusion practices for our clinicians under the auspices of the Hospital Transfusion Committee.

We offer a two year Diploma course in Blood Banking Technology with 2 seats annually. Also regular training program is being organized for Medical Officers of the State Government in Modern Blood Banking, under the sponsorship of NACO/KSACS.

Standard Operating Procedure Manual Version(3) introduced.

Department was the recipient of Red Cross award thrice for voluntary blood donation and safe transfusion practices (1994-1996) and was adjudged as the Best Blood Bank in the State in the year 2005 by Kerala State Blood Transfusion Council. The Department of Transfusion Medicine was accorded the status of Regional Blood Transfusion Centre (RBTC) in 2009. Our Best Practices Document on voluntary blood donation has been recognized as a reference for other Blood Banks by Kerala State AIDS Control Society.


We have all the standard facilities and equipments required for a modern Blood Bank. Facilities include walk-in cold room, apheresis unit, screening facility for TTDs, waiting room for donors with reading material, Television, soft music and a coffee counter. In addition we have the facility for mobile blood collection camps, counseling of Blood Donors and sending high risk donors and test reactive donors to ICTC for further follow up and management.


Round the clock blood and components are provided for medical as well as surgical needs of our patients. We also issue blood and components to outside hospitals without Blood Bank or blood component facility. Referral services are provided for Immunohaematological investigations. We do the processing and blood component separation for the industry on their new formulation blood bags.

  1. Scale-up and small scale production of Fibrinogen concentrate, Thrombin and Factor VIII for Clinical Use-Technology Development Board (SCTIMST) Investigator-On going
  2. Blood component separation unit ( NACO Blood Safety)- Principal Investigator-On going
  1. Awareness and consultancy services for Doctors on clinical transfusion practice and appropriate usage of blood components.

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