Biomedical Technology Wing

The Biomedical Technology Wing (BMT Wing) located at the Satelmond Palace at Poojappura, Trivandrum consists of culturally diverse and pluralistic team committed to medical device development, research & teaching. The broad areas of activities of the wing include

Medical devices
Tissue Engineering
Product incubation and commercialization

BMT Wing has been instrumental in establishing a medical device industry base in India by successfully developing and commercializing technologies of a number of devices and implants. Some of the commercialized technologies include blood bag, membrane oxygenator, hydrocephalus shunt, artificial heart valve, dental materials, hydroxyapatite based materials and implants.

The Biomedical Technology wing has implemented a quality system meeting international standard ISO/IEC 17025 and is accredited by Le Comite Francais d'Acreditation (COFRAC), France.

Head, BMT Wing is responsible for the overall administrative, technical and academic operations of BMT Wing and reports to the Director of the Institute. The activities of BMT Wing are classified into six groups. Each Group consists of various divisions / laboratories.