Research Activities

BMT Wing engages in advanced research and development in the following areas.

Controlled drug delivery for targeted delivery of drugs and vaccines

Diagnostic kits for cardiovascular, neurological and genetic diseases

Surface modification for improved compatibility and infection resistance

Polymer composites for various medical applications

The wing also provides specialised diagnostic services clinicians on the following areas.

Evaluation of thrombotic tendency in patients with cardiovascular diseases

Identification of genes involved in development of neuronal hyper activation and develop early diagnostic markers.

Development of bioactive ceramics materials for use in orthopedic surgery

Development of blood handling devices like centrifugal blood pumps and blood concentrators

Linkages have been developed with international groups working in this area through various exchange programmes supported by the British Council, JSPS of Japan and the DST-DAAD (Indo-German). International collaborative projects from agencies like the Indo-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research have been successfully carried out.