Automated trolley- e Drive

Medical Device Classification : Class B

Technology Readiness Level : TRL3

Intended end use : The automated trolley e- Drive is a universal electric trolley puller/ pusher designed to be attached to any type of patient trolley so as to convert it to an electrically powered trolley. It is also provided with a patient monitoring system which makes the transport of patients safer.

Product description : The Automated trolley e Drive runs on a motor powered by a rechargeable battery. Provided with multiple clamps that can attach to any type of patient trolley, it also has a driving unit that allows for controlled acceleration and braking. A patient monitoring system is also incorporated into this unit.

Novelty : Patent Application Number: 202341002949, 14th Jan 2023
Design Application Number: No.377054-001, 09th Jan 2023
Jointly by SCTIMST and Govt. Engineering College Barton Hill.

Current Development stage/ Evaluations done : Patent filed, design registration done and initial working prototype made