Intellectual property plays an important role in providing a competitive edge to SCTIMST. The intangible assets like inventions, designs, brand name and other creative & innovative ideas are more valuable than physical assets. IP Cell is committed to encourage, protect, manage and maintain Intellectual Property of different cutting edge technologies developed for medical device development such as Patent, Copyright, and Trademark etc generated by the Institute. Through the conducive environment for the development of Intellectual Property in academics and R&D, every faculty, students & researchers of SCTIMST are actively participating in the IPR filing process in different disciplines of medical device development.

Objectives of IPCell:
  • To provide and foster a sustainable innovation ecosystem.
  • To safeguard the intellectual property created.
  • To protect the rights and dignity of inventors.
  • To promote technology transfer and public use of intellectual property.

    It is necessary to protect the Intellectual property in order to enable institute to earn recognition and create a competitive edge for the industry partner in the market after the technology transfer. The rationale of IPCell lies in the need to create awareness about the importance of IPRs as a marketable financial asset and economic tool among the researchers, faculty and students of the institute.

    Intellectual property Rights: means the rights derived from the IP e.g. Patents, registered designs, copyright etc.

  • All the intellectual property created by the personnel during their employment at the Institute is owned by the Institute.
  • Sharing of ownership of intellectual property created from funds provided partially or fully by a third party or in collaboration or in partnership with other organizations or individuals, is as defined by the mutual agreements signed by the Institute .
  • Personnel, who are associated with the Institute, but not coming under both the categories above and without an agreement, have to assign the intellectual property to the Institute if significant resources of the Institute are used.
  • Institute owns the copyright of books, reports, agreements, manuals, procedures, guidelines, software etc created by the Institute for various purposes.

    For any concept/idea provided, IP Cell will do a prior art search and issues a novelty report, Patent& non patent literature search report & Patent landscaping, which helps the faculty, students & researchers for identifying the patentability criteria's like Novelty, Non-obviousness/inventive step & Industrial applicability for their inventions.



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