Availing Testing Services

What Every Test Request Should Have

Test request forms (unique for each test) and the client detail form (kindly mail us at for requesting the forms)
Test material with the correct specification , properly packed and labeled (Please refer to the Test material preparation information)
Payment in advance (Please refer to Payment)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and the certificate from the Head of the Institution in case of FT Raman and FTIR (Format is available with us - Kindly request from )
If the test is based on any specific protocol, that is suggested by the customer and agreed upon by the lab the copy of the protocol is to be enclosed


Kindly refer to our terms & conditions before submitting the test request
Ensure that the test is feasible before submitting the request forms
Send the test material, test request form, client detail form and the payment together
Mention your e-mail address and telephone number in the client detail form legibly so that we could contact you for any clarifications
Send the test material in the correct specification as advised to you
Follow the specific instructions on each test request form
All details on the test request form is to be filled up neatly and legibly, without which request forms may not be accepted. kindly fill up the test material code carefully as requests for change will not be entertained
Submit samples in separately marked packets for different tests
When replicates are required, pack the samples in separate individual packets
Label the packets correctly
Indicate the sterilization status- whether sterile and method of sterilization
Indicate clearly, special storage conditions if any for your sample
Do indicate shelf life of samples when the sample is unstable or has a limited shelf life only
Do submit appropriate CONTROL samples, if required as part of the study/test.
For animal tests the tissue blocks/sections will be archived for a maximum of 3 years.

Do Nots

Do not submit samples with hazardous / infectious/ radioactive content
Do not submit samples before prior intimation to the customer service cell, either by post or in person.
Don't mix samples for different tests together. Pack the samples for different tests separately
Do not use staplers or pins on sterile packets. If sending by post/courier, ensure that there is no damage due to stapling by the courier agency.