Test Reports

The test reports are issued to the customer after the stipulated turnaround time.
The accredited test reports shall contain the logo of the accreditation agency (like COFRAC and NABL ) printed on the report.
The test report shall contain the test material code as given in the test request form, period of conduct of the test, test method used, description of the sample, details of specimen preparation and the result in the front sheet.
The test report will be issued to the client address as provided in the client detail form.
Re-issue of the test reports as per the customer demand requires review and approval by our Technical Manager and involves payment.
The customer could collect the test reports either by hand or by Indian post.
The reports for evaluations conducted in a study mode will be prepared on the basis of the format agreed upon in the study plan initially given to the customer.
Only hard copy of the test report duly signed is authentic.
Opinions and interpretations are not offered as part of test reports.