Industry Institute Partnership Cell

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum

An Institute of National Importance under Govt. of India

Program Delivery Modes


The most traditional way of oral communication that is received, preserved and transmitted from an expert to another. The lecture sessions are kept short with discussion sessions at the end of every lecture.

Case studies

Case studies are ideal to give a more related experience to the trainees. Especially in the case of Biomedical technology, case study discussions may always give a realistic picture of the theory being delivered .

Group exercises

The training events is not a platform just to impart knowledge. The trainee is involving in a group. Through group exercises the intention is to give a feeling of team work, improve communication skills, share and accept ideas etc.


It is not practiced as an assessment but this is usually taken in sportive spirit by many of our participants as they are refreshing thoughts on the topics covered.

Laboratory Visits

“Seeing is believing”. To see the Laboratory facility and demonstrations at the lab is lot more effective than theories heard. The Institute has excellent facilities in various disciplines of biomedical technology and the trainees shall be exposed to the facilities.