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The paediatric cardiac surgery is a separate unit functioning under the department of Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery with standalone theatre, ICU and ward, treating the full spectrum of congenital heart diseases from neonates to adults.


We have 2 - well equipped theatres, a 9 - bed ICU, 11 - bed postoperative ward and 11 bed preoperative ward. We have state of the art facilities for performing neonatal open heart surgery.

Operation Theater
Operation Theater

We operate on a wide range of congenital heart diseases from the smallest of kids (1.5 kg) to adults with heart disease, generally we operate around 3 cases per day. Paediatric cardiac care is more demanding, kids require an intense and longer duration of care to recover in the postoperative stage. Most of the complex surgeries like Arterial switch operation, TAPVC repair, ALCAPA, AV canal defects, various univentricular repairs are done with excellent outcomes.

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Future directions
  1. 1. To start an advanced cardiac life support systems specifically ECMO
  2. 2. Nitric oxide delivery systems
  3. 3. Homograft programme - to harvest heart valves from human cadavers
  4. 4. To increase the clinical and research output of the unit.
Contact us

Since we have a long waiting list and the waiting period is over a year for some cases and we accomdate emergency cases into our routine list, we are at present prioritising our list of patients.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any of the email addresses or the following telephone numbers 04712524423 (ICU) or 04712524228 (OPD, 10AM-4PM)


Paediatric CTVS was setup as separate unit in the year 2004 and was headed by Prof KG Shyamkrishnan till his retirement in 2010, the unit is now being carried forward by Dr. Baiju S Dharan. The surgical team works in close association with the cardiac anaesthesia and cardiology teams.

Dr. Baiju S Dharan completed his MCh in 2002 from SCTIMST and worked for 3 years as Asst Prof in the Paediatric CVTS Dept In Amritha Institute , Kochi. He rejoined SCTIMST in 2006, he had advanced training in congenital heart surgery at Our Lady's Childrens Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland. His areas of interest are neonatal cardiac surgery, development of cost effective technology for developing countries and mechanical circulatory support in children.

Dr. Sabarinath Menon completed his Mch in 2010 from SCTIMST and is currently doing a one year Post-doctoral fellowship in this department.

A team of five senior residents carryout the grass root level care of the patients.

A dedicated group of 35 nurses deliver the nursing care in the ICU, ward and operating room, that is so vital to these patients.

Ms.Beegum Thaslim N. is our specialist paediatric perfusionists with wide experience in neonatal and other complex perfusion techniques.