Special malayalam article prepared with inputs from convocation program in Kalakaumudi (Kala Kaumudi has been a consistently powerful magazine that has greatly influenced the cultural, political and social life of Kerala.)    Click Here
Article about Dr Jeemon on 'Tell me Why' magazine. {A complete reference resource for children. This publication covers a wide range of topics in a simple and entertaining manner. Easy to follow question-answer format, along with illustrations, cartoons and photographs, makes learning simpler than ever before.Each issue is dedicated for a particular topic and comprises of 100 plus questions and their answers. Moreover, by collecting every issue, you can build an encyclopedia.}    Click Here
Article on Biospectrum. (Interview with IIT Director, prepared by Dr Subhash NN and Dr Manoj G)    Click Here
Cherian A. Malignant mixopathy and benign excrescency. Cancer Res Stat Treat 2022;5:201-2. Submitted: 21-Feb-2022 Revised: 29-Mar-2022 Accepted: 31-Mar-2022 Published: 30-Jun-2022 © 2022 Cancer Research, Statistics, and Treatment | Published by Wolters Kluwer - Medkno    Click Here
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