SCTIMST - Facebook

Official Facebook Page of SCTIMST is

Various Categories

Each page covers the core activities, collaborative research, startups, new initiatives, videos etc. of the institute.The Facebook pages can be browsed without opening one's personal Facebook account; however, to post a message in the Facebook pages, login is necessary. One can write and post a message in a box, which mentions, 'Write something'. Once posted, it is seen in another box, named 'visitor posts', which is displayed on the left-side of the Facebook page.

Various Discussion Groups

Discussion groups provides a platform for you to share your research experiences, exchange the ideas and explore the feasibility of research collaboration, activities related to Academic, Hospital Services and Public Health. To browse through any Facebook group's activities and to join the group, login through one's personal Facebook account is necessary. Each group is monitored by a dedicated administrator. To join a group, send a request by clicking an icon, '+ Join Group'. Once approved by the administrator, one will become a member of the group and can post messages or participate in the discussions.