Mr. Anoop Gopinathan
Engineer 'D'
Phone : +919791017396, +919654705449

M.Tech, IIT Bombay, Mumbai 2012.

B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering Trivandrum, 2010

Engineer-D, Division of Artificial Internal Organs, SCTIMST, Jan 2023 to current

Engineer-C, Division of Artificial Internal Organs, SCTIMST, Sept 2016 to Dec 2022

Asst Manager, New Technology Development, Subros Ltd Nov 2015 - Sept 2016

Asst Manager, New Product Development - Heat Exchanger, Subros Ltd - Jan 2013- Nov 2015

R&D - New Product and Technology Development

Production of Ceredrain Hydrocephalus Shunt with M/s HLL LifeCare

Medical Device Design and Development

202341078956 (Application No), Anoop Gopinathan, Muraleedharan C V, Anosh Kumar, Vipin Dev Vasudevan, A Surgical Suction System,21.11.2023, India

202241048796 (Application No), Anoop Gopinathan (Initiation), Vipin Dev V, Sukanya L J, Jithu Raj, Subhash Kumar M S, Muraleedharan C V, A fluid flow control device with flat type adjustable differential pressure valve, 26.08.2022, India

202141034127 (Application No), Anoop Gopinathan (Initiation), Mathew Abraham, Tobin George, Er Anosh Kumar, Vipin Dev,Subhash Kumar M S, Muraleedharan C V, An enhanced surgical suction system with a roller based reverse pressure device, 29.07.2021,India

201741039475 (Patent Granted), Sujesh Sreedharan, Krishna Kumar Sreekumaran, Jijo Jerard, Anoop Gopinathan, A delivery system with a rack and pinion mechanism for stent graft positioning and deployment, 06.11.2017, India


Hydrocephalus Shunt with Flat type adjustable differential pressure valve, Reverse Suction and Suction arrester Device

Design and Development of Medical Devices - Hydrocephalus Shunt, Lumbar Peritoneal Shunt

Mathematical Modeling

Computer Aided Simulation of Medical Devices

Heat Exchanger Design and Development

Standardization of Heat Exchangers for Design , Quality , Materials and Testing

Automobile Air Purification system - New Technology Development

Mr. Muraleedharan C. V.
Mr. Sujesh Sreedharan
Mr. Ranjith G.
Dr. Manoj G.
Dr. Sivakumar K. G. V.
Mr. Saurabh S. Nair
Mr. Subhash N. N.
Mr. Arvind Kumar Prajapati

Anoop Gopinathan, Vipin Dev V, Sukanya L J, Muraleedharan C V ?The Analytical and Numerical Model to Predict Low Reynold?s Number Pressure Flow Characteristics of a Valve with Non-Linear Opening Boundaries? In: Proceedings of NAFEMS World Congress 2021

Gopinathan A, Nair S S, Muraleedharan C V. Fluid-Structure Interaction Study for a Low Reynolds Number, Low Gap Flow Across a Pressure Opening Spring-Loaded Valve. In: Proceedings of NAFEMS World Congress. 2023 May 16.

A. Gopinathan, V. Vipin Dev, R. Jithu Raj, M. S. Subhash Kumar,L. J. Sukanya, C. V. Muraleedharan, Low Reynolds number pressure-flow analysis across a valve: Comparison between three-point and multipoint gap functions with CFD results, NAFEMS International Journal of CFD Case Studies, Volume 13, 2023, Pages 59-79,