Dr. R. S. Jayasree
Scientist 'G'
Phone : 2520273

Post Doctoral Fellowship, Monash University, Melbourne , Australia

PhD , University of Kerala Trivandrum

MSc, Cochin University of Science & Technology,Cochin

BSc, University of Kerala Trivandrum

Scientist G and Scientist -in-Charge, Division of Biophotonics and Imaging, SCTIMST, 2021-till date

Scientist-F and Scientist -in-Charge, Division of Biophotonics and Imaging, SCTIMST, 2017-2021

Scientist - E and Scientist -in-Charge, Division of Biophotonics and Imaging, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 2014-217

Scientist - D and Scientist -in-Charge, Division of Biophotonics and Imaging, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 2010-2014

Scientist - C, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 2006-2010

RA/SO/JSO/PI, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 1996 - 2006

JRF, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 1987 - 1989

DBT Task force on Nanotechnology- Special Invitee, 2017 & 2018

Member, Selection Committee on SERB International Research Experience (SIRE)

Member, SERB-VORTEX (Vision ORiented Thought Exchange) program of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, 2021

Member, expert committee of SUPRA scheme of SERB, DST, GOI, 2019, 2020

Member(Co-opted), Program Advisory Committee, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, SERB, DST,GOI, 2021-till date

Member, Technical Review and Advisory Committees (TRAC) of the NNetRA project of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, GOI, 2016-till date

Member, Expert Committee on Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas (IRHPA) in the area 3D bioprinting, SERB,DST,GOI, 2020-2022

Member, Nano Science Advisory Group of Nanomission of DST, GOI, 2018-till date

Member, Task Force on Empowerment and Equity Opportunities for Excellence in Science, SERB, DST, GOI, 2019 & 2020

Member, SERB-TETRA AWARD selection Committee, SERB,DST,GOI , 2021 & 2022

Organizing Secretary-International Symposium on Photonics Applications and Nanomaterials (ISPAN-2015) in October 2015, at Trivandrum, India

Member, Board of Studies of Physics, Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram

Member-Board of studies of Future Sciences, University of Kerala

Member, Board of Studies of Nanosciences, University of Kerala

Member, Board of Studies of Molecular Medicine and Nanotechnology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi

Member, human ethics committee of Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum

Represented twice in the GORDON conferences

Represented India during the 3rd meeting of the BRICS Working group on Material Science and Nanotechnology,2021

Secretary, Material Research Society of India-Trivandrum (2015-2017)

President, Material Research Society of India, Thiruvananthapuram(2021- 2023)

Treasurer, Society for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (India)

Assistant Editor, Asian Journal of Physics (2016-till date)

Australia Award Ambassador (Nominated by Australian High Commissioner , 2014-2017

Guest Editor, Special issue of Materials Today Proceedings (Elsevier), 2017

Endeavor Research Fellowship By Australian Government, 2010

DBT Task force on Nanotechnology- Special Invitee, 2017

Organizing Secretary-International Symposium on Photonics Applications and Nanomaterials (ISPAN-2015) in October 2015, at Trivandrum, India

Certificate of Good Clinical Practice from NIDA Clinical Trial Networks, 2020

PhD Examiner of several Universities

Nodal Officer of SCTIMST for the Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions (GATI) scheme initiated by DST, GOI

Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

Member-Board of studies of BMT & CE, SCTIMST

Australian Awards Ambassador 2012-2016

Secretary of MRSI, Trivandrum chapter 2015-'17.

Fellow of Academy of Sciences, Chennai

Best Woman Scientist Award 2023, ISAS

Listed as the Women in Nanoscience by Royal Society of Chemistry in 2023

Shreeratna Award -2022 by Kerala Kalakendram, an affiliate of Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy, Government of Kerala

MRSI Award 2017

Women Scientist Award by Department of Science and Technology, 2005

Endeavour Research Fellowship by Australian Government, 2009

PSN National Award for Excellent R & D in rural technology in 2011

Optical neural modulation and optogenetics

Application of Lasers in Medicine.

MR imaging

Optical imaging



Biomedical application of Fluorescence, Raman and IR spectroscopy, Spectral Mapping

Department of Physics, CUSAT, Kochi

Department of Optoelectronics, University of Kerala

University of Pau, France

NIT, Calicut

Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi

University of Bangalore , Bengaluru

IIST, Thiruvananthapuram

IIT Madras- combined PhD Program

CSIR-CLRI, Chennai

University of Pau,France

RMIT University, Melbourne

Govt. Dental College & PMS Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram University of Kerala

Toyo University, Japan



IISER, Thiruvananthapuram

RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram

Biosensors and IVDs: Nanosensors and Lateral Flow Assay kits for neuro and cardiac markers

Nanosystems to cross Blood brain barrier for imaging and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases

Application of lasers in medicine : Diagnostic and therapeutic Approaches-Fluorescence , Raman and Infrared spectroscopy and spectral mapping for diagnosis (Optical pathology)

Development of Photodynamic and Photothermal Therapy probes, Optical Molecular and cellular Imaging - treatment, follow up and imaging, Image processing

Development of optical and MRI imaging probes/contrast agents

In vivo and ex vivo Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopic and Imaging techniques for oral cavity disorders, brain tumour and cardiovascular disease

Biomaterials-Metallic, semiconducting and polymeric nanomaterials for imaging and therapy: Optical imaging, MR Imaging, CT imaging

Biophotonics based device development for medical applications

Multi functional fluorescent nanosensor for simultaneous detection of copper and creatinine and the process there of

Gold quantum cluster for targeted brain imaging and delivery of foreign molecules (drugs, nutrients, therapeutics etc.) through blood brain barrier

An ultrasensitive nanosensor for dopamine detection and the process thereof, (Application No.IPBPI204/Y20) A filter system for circulating tumor cells

Design and fabrication of filter prototype for circulating tumor cells (Indian Design Application -Granted)

Preparation of iron oxide nanoparticles with high transverse relaxivity and saturationMagnetization for imaging applications-Granted

Method of preparation of urease and gold Quantum cluster mediated nanobiosensor for the detection of blood urea and the process involved-Granted

Detection and removal of endosulfan from ground water using Cadmium Selenium quantum dots-Jayasree RS and Lakshmi.V.Nair

Hon. Fellow of Indian Society of Analytical Scientists

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Endeavour Research Fellowship by Australian Government, 2009

Feloow of Academy of Sciences, Chennai

Optical society of india - Life Member

Photonics society of india - Life Member

Indian laser association - Life Member

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine - Associate member

Society for Biomaterials and Artificial organs - Life Member

Society for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - Life Member

Material Research Society of India-Life Member

Blood brain barrier targeted Nanoconstructs for the diagnosis of brain diseases and the delivery of therapeutics into the brain, DBT project (PI)

Magneto-Optic Sensor for Cardiac Biomarker detection (PI), DST India-Japan Cooperative Science Program(IJCSP)

An easy and Rapid detection platform for viral diseases from saliva: COVID-19 and beyond(PI)

Development of nanosensors for the blood based biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease

An ultrasensitive sensor platform for the circulating tumor cells (PI)

Design and development of nanosensor based Lateral flow assay kit for the detection of COVID-19,SERB project (PI)

Detection of Zinc in Epileptic Condition using Ratiometric Fluorescent Molecular Probes.Principal Investigator : Dr. Jayasree.R.S Multi Institutional Project in collaboration with NIIST, Trivandrum. Funding agency Department of Biotechnology Govt.of India.

Functional Gold Nanorods for Targeted Photodynamic Therapy and Diagnostic Fluorescence Imaging. Principal Investigator : Dr. Jayasree.R.S Funding agency Indian Council of Medical Research Govt.of India

Development of nanosensors for simultaneous sensing of multiple analytes

Gold nanorod based targeted nanoprobe for cancer theranostics: Diagnosis by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) and Fluorescence imaging and therapy by PDT and PTT: Multi-Institutional Project between SCTIMST and CSIR-NIIST (Institute PI)(Funded by DBT)

Development of iron oxide nanoprobe for asialoglycoprotein receptor targeted optical and magnetic resonance imaging and therapy of liver fibrosis

Blood brain barrier targeted Nanoconstructs for the diagnosis of brain diseases and the delivery of therapeutics into the brain, Principal Investigator : Dr.R.S. Jayasree, Funding Agency-Department of Biotechnology, Government of India

Raman and fluorescence spectroscopic protocol for the diagnosis of viral diseases(in Shrimp) and blood vessel abnormalities(in humans)

Nanohybrids for chemodynamic/Photothermal /Photodynamic therapy/Hyperthermia Fluorescence Spectroscopic protocol for the early diagnosis of oral cavity disorders, breast cancer and brain tumors.

Quantum dot conjugated single walled carbon nanotubes for imaging and therapy (Indo-Japan project Funded by DST) (Indian PI)

Graphene-Gold Nanohybrid-Based SERS Platform for Liquid Biopsy Detection of Circulating Breast cancer cells

Development of Iron Nanoparticles for Magnetic resonance angiography (PI) (Funded by SCTIMST)

Development of iron oxide nanoprobes for organ specific molecular MR imaging(PI)(Funded by BRNS)

Autofluorescence spectroscopy and multivariate analysis for diagnosis liver tumor and also for predicting the induced damages to other organs

Development of Optical Nerve Stimulator (PI)

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic techniques for the temporal lobe epilepsy of rabbit model.

Jijo.P.T, Technical Assistant

Dhujana.N.S, PhD student

Anjana R S, PhD student

Dhushyandhun, PhD student

Sarathkumar E, PhD student

Resmi A N-PhD student

Presentation at the Gordon Research Conference on Medicine and Biology- `Unmet Needs and New Directions in Translational Biophotonics? July 8-13, 2018 Bates College Lewiston, ME, USA

`Spiky Gold nanostar decorated Graphene hybrid nanoprobe: A multifunctional Cancer Theranostics? during the World Biomaterials Conference (WBC 2020) during December 11-17, 2020

Plenary speaker at ?Global Congress & Expo on Biomaterials (Biomaterials-2019)? held during May 13-14, 2019 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tuning the properties of nanoconstructs for Biosensing, Biomedical Imaging and Therapy? at Nano Medical Engineering Laboratory, RIKEN, Japan on 25th February 2020

`Biosensing & Organ Specific Biomedical Imaging and Therapy-Nanotechnological approach? at Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences , Kyoto University, Japan on 14th February 2020

Nanotechnology for Biosensing & Organ Specific Biomedical Imaging and Therapy? at Nano Medical Engineering Laboratory, RIKEN, Japan on 25th February 2020

Keynote Lecture on `Gold nanostructures-A potential candidate for Biomedical Imaging, Therapy and Sensing? at International Conference on Nanoscience and Photonics for Medical Applications (ICNPMA-2019) during December 28-30, 2019 at MAHE, Manipal

Keynote lecture on Pre clinical evaluation of the L-dopa functionalized fluorescent gold nanocluster for targeted brain imaging at International Conference on Translational Medicine and Imaging (ICTMI-17), 28-29 August, 2019 at VIT University, Vellore

Functionally Engineered Nanostructures for imaging, sensing and therapy at the 8th East Asia Symposium(EAS8) on Functional Dyes and Advanced Materials held at CSIR-NIIST, 20 - 22 September 2017

Targeted Imaging of Brain and Drug Delivery Across Blood Brain Barrier: A Nanotechnological Approach at the International Workshop on Recent Materials for Healthcare & Industrial Applications IWRM 2018 Organized by Anna University, Chennai, January 22 ? 23, 2018

`Advances in Bio-Nanosensors: Current Scenario and Future Prospects? during International Conference on Spectroscopy of Biomolecules and Advanced Materials Christian College, Chengannur, Kerala, India during Oct 4-7, 2017

?Recent trends in Nanosensors and their applications in medicine and biology? during International Conference on Material Science and Technology, October 10-13, 2018, Thiruvanathapuram

Role of photonics and Magnetic nanomaterials in diagnostic and therapeutic applications during 6th Asia Biomaterials Congress, October 25-27, 2017

`Nanotechnology:a platform for brain imaging and drug delivery? during the International Brain Research Organization(IBRO) Asia Pacific Regional Committee school 2019 held during 22 April to 6 May, 2019

`Organ specific biomedical Imaging and Therapy: Recent advances? during International conference on Biomaterial-based Therapeutic Engineering and Regenerative Medicine(BioTERM 2019), held at IIT Kanpur, 28Nov-1 Dec, 2019

Comprehensive understanding of the breast cancer therapeutic efficiency of vanadium nanospheres: An electron microscopic story? delivered during International conference on Optoelectronic and nano materials for Advanced Technology held during January 2-5, 2019 at CUSAT,Kochi

`Functionally Engineered gold nanocluster For Sensing, Imaging and Therapeutic Applications? on 2nd July, 2018- at North Eastern University, Boston

Tuning optical and magnetic properties of metallic nanoparticles for biomedical application 7th East Asia Symposium on Functional Dyes and Advanced Materials, Osaka, Japan, 2nd to 5th September, 2015

Multimodal in vivo detection of liver fibrosis using asialoglycoprotein receptor mediated targeting of ironoxide nanoparticles 4th Nano Today Conference, Dubai, UAE, 5th to 10th December, 2015

Metallic and Semiconducting Nanoconstructs for Bioimaging and therapy,Indo-Australian Conference on Biomaterials Tissue Engineering, Drug delivery system and Regenerative medicine, February 5-8, 2015, Anna University Chennai

Enhanced diagnostic potential of MR and optical imaging using metallic nano carriers. Indo-UK Workshop on Medical Technologies, Chennai, 11-03-2014

Nanocarriers for sensing, Imaging and Therapy, Indo-German conference on Laser Applications and Nanoscience, Mascot Hotel, Trivandrum, December 5-7, 2013

Nanotechnology for Bioimaging and Biosensing, Nano Bio Collaborative International Conference 2013 at Bharathidasan Institute of Technology, Anna University, Tiruchirappalli, June 27-29, 2013

Raman spectral analysis of human coronary bypass grafts, ICORS 2012 - 23rd International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy , Bangalore, India, August 12-17, 2012

NIR Emitting Gold NanoconstructFor Brain Imaging, Second International Conference on Medical Materials, Devices and Regenerative Medicine, Kathmandu, Nepal, January 11-13, 2014

Vibrational spectral analysis of human coronary bypass grafts, 5th International Conference on Perspectives in Vibrational Spectroscopy, Trivandrum,08-12 July 2014

Poster on ?Diagnostic potential of tissue hemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation using fluorescence spectroscopy for the demarcation of brain tumor? at the Gordon conference on Lasers in Medicine and Biology at Holderness, Plymouth, MA, USA during 22nd to 27thJuly, 2012

?Raman spectral analysis of human coronary bypass grafts? at the International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy during 12th to 17th August in IISC, Bangalore, 2013

Development of highly fluorescent nanosystems for biomedical sensing, imaging and therapeutic applications-Resmi.V.Nair

Nano-bio interactions: Cellular and molecular effects of nanoscale vanadium pentoxide on mammalian and microbial models-Parvathy.R.S

Nanotechnology: Novel fluorescent nanoconstructs for early diagnosis, therapy and sensing-Lakshmi.V.Nair

Design, fabrication and evaluation of graphene-gold nanohybrids for sensing, imaging and therapeutic applications-Jibin.K

Fluorescence spectroscopic diagnosis of malignancy associated changes in brain, oral cavity and liver-Shaiju.S.Nazeer

Design and fabrication of fluorescent probes for biomedical applications: potential tool for in vitro and in vivo bioimaging, sensing and SiRNA delivery for cancer therapy-Hema Santhakumar

Development of nanoprobes for Optical and Magnetic Resonance Molecular Imaging-Ariya Saraswathy

Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques for the Differentiation and Characterization of Brain Tumors with Histopathology Correlation-Smitha.K.A

Integrating technologies to create modular sensors for water quality monitoring-Vidhya.S (SCTIMST-IIT Madras-CMC Vellore combined program)

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