Dr. R. S. Jayasree
Scientist 'F'
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PhD , University of Kerala Trivandrum , 2002

MSc, Cochin University of Science & Technology,Cochin ,1985

BSc, University of Kerala Trivandrum, 1983

Scientist - E, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 09/08/2014 - Till date

Scientist - D, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 02/08/2010 - 9/08/2014

Scientist - C, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 01/08/2006 - 01/08/2010

RA/SO/JSO/PI, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 1996 - 2006

JRF, SCTIMST Trivandrum , 1987 - 1989

Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

Member-Board of studies of BMT & CE, SCTIMST

Nominated as the Australian Awards Ambassador by the Australian High Commisioner to India in 2014

Selected as the Secretary of MRSI, Trivandrum chapter for two years 2015-'17.

PhD Examiner of Kerala University, CUSAT, Anna University, Chennai, JSS University, Mysore, NCL Pune, ACTREC Mumbai and MG University, Kottayam

Member-Board of studies of Future Sciences, University of Kerala

MRSI Award 2017

Women Scientist Award by Department of Science and Technology, 2005

Endeavour Research Fellowship by Australian Government, 2009

PSN National Award for Excellent R & D in rural technology in 2011

Biophotonics, Nanobiophotonics,Optical imaging, MR imaging, Biomedical application of Fluorescence, Raman and IR spectroscopy, Spectral Mapping, Application of Lasers in Medicine.

Biophotonics based device development for medical applications, Development of optical and MRI imaging probes, Development of Photodynamic Therapy probes, Optical Molecular and cellular Imaging, In vivo and ex vivo Fluorescence Spectroscopic and Imaging techniques for oral cavity disorders, brain tumour and cardiovascular disease. Photodynamic therapy- treatment, follow up and imaging, Image processing

Preparation of iron oxide nanoparticles with high transverse relaxivity and saturation Magnetization for imaging applications, Jayasree R.S, P.R.H.K.Varma (Indian Paten 80/CHE/12 )

Method of preparation of urease and gold Quantum cluster mediated nanobiosensor for the detection of blood urea and the process involved, Jayasree R.S, Ajayaghosh A, Lakshmi.V.Nair (Indian Paten 1567/CHE/12)

Detection and removal of endosulfan from ground water using Cadmium Selenium quantum dots-Jayasree RS and Lakshmi.V.Nair (Indian Patent 4025/CHE/2014)

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Endeavour Research Fellowship by Australian Government, 2009

Optical society of india - Life Member

Photonics society of india - Life Member

Indian laser association - Life Member

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine - Associate member

Society for Biomaterials and Artificial organs - Life Member

Society for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - Life Member

Material Research Society of India-Life Member

Blood brain barrier targeted Nanoconstructs for the diagnosis of brain diseases and the delivery of therapeutics into the brain, Principal Investigator : Dr.R.S. Jayasree, Funding Agency-Department of Biotechnology, Government of India

Detection of Zinc in Epileptic Condition using Ratiometric Fluorescent Molecular Probes.Principal Investigator : Dr. Jayasree.R.S Multi Institutional Project in collaboration with NIIST, Trivandrum. Funding agency Department of Biotechnology Govt.of India.

Functional Gold Nanorods for Targeted Photodynamic Therapy and Diagnostic Fluorescence Imaging. Principal Investigator : Dr. Jayasree.R.S Funding agency Indian Council of Medical Research Govt.of India

Ms. Parvathy.R.S - PhD Student

Ms. Resmi.V.Nair - PhD Student

Ms. Hema.S - PhD Student

Ms.Marina Victor-PhD Student

Mr.Jibin.K-Phd Student

Mr.Jayaram Prasad-Project Scientist

Ms.Renuka Menon-Project Scientist


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