Dr. Krishna Kumar K.
Phone : +91 471 2524246

Master of Chirurgical (MCh Neurosurgery) SCTIMST;2002 - 2004 .

Master of Surgery ( M.S General Surgery) University of Kerala;1998 - 2001 .

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery M.B.B.S University of Kerala;1989 - 1996 .

Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery SCTIMST Trivandrum, India Sept 2006 - Till date.

Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Kochi, Ernakulam, India Jan 2005 to September 2006 .

Neurosurgery resident at SCTIMST ,2002 - 2004.

Senior Resident in Neurosurgery, AIMS Kochi 2001 June to 2001 Dec.

Resident in General Surgery 1998 -2001.

Junior Medical Officer, Dr Govindan's Hospital, Trivandrum, India ,1996-1998.

Dr Elizabeth Leela John Memorial Gold Medal for Best Outgoing Resident In General Surgery, Government Medical College, Trivandrum :2001.

Best paper award for Deep seated intracranial pyogenic abscesses at eloquent locations in children: surgical management and outcome. K Krishna Kumar, RN Bhattacharya, S Nair, R Kachhara, BRM Rao, G Menon, BJ Rajesh, t Muthuretnam, M Abraham. Annual meeting of Indian Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery - Neuropedicon, Lucknow, 6th- 9th November 2003.

Minimal Access neurosurgery, CV junction and disorders of spine, Functional neurosurgery, Neurooncology.

Involved in all day to day activities of the department : evaluation of patients in the outpatient department, academic and management oriented rounds in wards and intensive care unit and regular work in operating theatres including major neurosurgical operations ; also involved in the teaching of residents and guiding them in their thesis and other research activities. Also part of the hospital infection control programme and transfusion committee ; involved in teaching programmes for the medical and paramedical staff.

Neurological Society of India KNS -81

Member - Indian Medical Association ( IMA )

Member - Association of Surgeons of India ( ASI )

Efficacy and safety of convection enhanced delivery of research molecule for anaplastic astrocytoma.

Surgical treatment for intracerebral hematoma STITCH trial.

Experimental trial for dural substitute

Neuropsychological evaluation of patients with supratentorial neoplasms


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