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Dr. Prabha D. Nair

Scientist 'G' (Senior Grade) & Scientist-in-Charge
Phone :
0471-2520242 / 262 /272
Academic Qualifications

PhD in Biomaterials Science & Technology; SCTIMST, Kerala; 1991.

M Sc. in Physical Chemistry Pune University; 1978.

B Sc. in Chemistry (Main) (Botany,Zoology); Fergusson College, Pune University; 1976.

Professional Record

Scientist G and Scientist in-charge DTERT; SCTIMST,Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala; January 2008 to date.

Visiting Professor BioEngineering; GTEC/Emory Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A; Jan 02- Jan 03 ( on leave from SCTIMST).

Visiting Professor BioEngineering; University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A; Jan 01- Dec 01 ( on sabbatical ).

Scientist G and Scientist in-charge LPA also Scientist in-charge DTERT from September 2007; SCTIMST; July 04 - to date.

Scientist F and Scientist incharge LPA; SCTIMST ; July 97- to July 04.

Scientist E ; SCTIMST; July 93 - July 97.

Scientist D; SCTIMST; July 89 - July 93.

Scientist C; SCTIMST; Mar.87 - July 89.

Scientist B; SCTIMST; Feb. 80 - Mar.87.

Lecturer in Chemistry; N.S.S College, Nemmara, Kerala; Nov.78 - Feb.80.


Member of the Task Force of Stem cells of Dept. Of Biotechnology, Govt of India.

Associate editor of "Trend in Biomaterials and Artificial Internal organs".

Member of Research Advisory Board of IIT Chennai, India.

Member of Research Advisory Board of NIT Rourkela, India.

Member Academic Committee, SCTIMST, India.

Member Search & Select committee, SCTIMST, India.

Reviewer for several international journals in biomaterials, polymers and tissue engineering such as Tissue Engineering, JBMR, Biomacromolecules, Stem Cells, JAPS, Cytotherapy etc.

Reviewer for grants for projects national and international.

Examiner PhD thesis evaluation of several Indian and international Universities.

Invited Faculty for IIT Kharagpur MMST Program.

Invited Faculty for Senior Scientists Training program of DST India conducted at NIAS, Bangalore.

Member of the DBT India scientific delegation for interactions with the Australian Stem Cell Group.

Member of the DST India scientific delegation for interactions with the Universities and Research Institutes in Israel.

Invited speaker at several national and international meetings.

Team Leader of the Program Support for Tissue engineering ( COE program) from DBT India at SCTIMST 2007 to ongoing .

Project Coordinator & P.I of a Joint Indo-US Center on Stem cells and Tissue engineering funded by IUSSTF 2007 to 2009.


Materials Research Society of India Medal, 1998.

Young Scientist award, Govt. of Kerala 1993.

BOYSCAST Fellowship, Govt of India 1991.

S.S. Joshi Prize, Univ. of Pune 1978 ( First rank ).

Best paper awards (7) as senior author at various national and international symposiums Society of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Oration, 2007.

Area of Interest

Tissue engineering and stem cell research.

Polymeric biomaterials ( Conventional, biomimetic, nanostructured) for TE scaffolds and medical devices.

Current Activities

Tissue engineering with research programs in the areas of pancreas, vascular and orthopedic tissues as well as lung tissue engineering.

Development of Biomaterial scaffolds ( polymeric, biomimetic and nanostructured) which form the core technology in tissue engineering and organ regeneration applications, and polymeric membranes for immunoisolation and wound healing.

Development of polymers suitable for use in medical device research.

On-going Projects

Team Leader of Centre of Excellence Program support in Tissue Engineering at SCTIMS; DBT India; 2007-12.

Co-P.I of Epithelial to mesenchymal interaction in tissue engineered hybrid artificial lung - role of angiogenesis factors; DBT India; 2009-12.


8 patents - ( Indian - 4 granted, US and international -2 granted, 2 filed).


Vice President, Society of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, India.

Life Member Materials Research Society of India.

Convenor, MRSI TVM Chapter 1998 to 2000.

Life Member Society of Polymer Science India.

Life Member Society of Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, India.



Present Phd students : Lynda V Thomas, Remya N.S, Neena Aloysius, Merlin Rajesh Lal.

Past PhD students : Neethu Mohan, SudhakarM, Sheela George.

COE Project Personnel : Dr. Shiny Velayudhan, Dr. Sajeev U.S, Mr Sumesh ( Shared with DAIO), Dr V Lekshmy ( Shared with DIMT), Dr Dhanya Gangadharan, Mr Dhanesh V.

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