Mr. Sajithlal M.K.
Engineer 'F'
Phone : 0471-2520269

MS in Software Systems, Birla Institute of Sciences and Technology, 2010.

B-Tech Computer Science& Engineering, Cochin University of Science & Technology, 2004.

Engineer(Information Management Services); SCTIMST,Trivandrum; August ,2006 onwards.

Member Technical Staff; Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(CDAC),Pune; July 2006- Aug 2006.

Software Consultant; Centre for Development of Imaging Technology(C-DIT); July 2004 - July 2006.

Server & network management

Information Security


Sustainable waste management

Multi-lingual computing

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(CDAC), Trivandrum

Planning, implementation and management of IT infrastructure including servers and network appliance, computers and peripheral system

Mobile Telemedicine project for Wayanad

"A Multimodality Stimulation Device for Neurological Disorders." Application No. 201941005030 Dated 08/02/2019

Member of IEEE Computer Society

Life member of Telemedicine Society of India

Establishment of networking infrastructure for Combinational Devices block

Proactive Technology driven model for tribal health care in Wayanad

IT infrastructure upgradation of BMT Wing

Multimodality stimulator for therapeutic use in post-stroke patient with hemineglect

Web Based Registry for Epilepsy Patients

Liaison officer (Other backward community)

National Knowledge Network (NKN) Nodal officer of BMT Wing,SCTIMST

Ms.Leena Joseph,Engineer F

Dr. Arun Anirudhan,Engineer D

Mr.Binu A.U., Technical Assistant

Sajithlal MK, Kavya R Nair, Jose R, Soumya P S,Biju Soman "Challenges of Rural telemedicine systems - A case study of mobile tribal healthcare project, Wayanad", 17th International Conference of Telemedicine Society of India (TSI). Telemedicon, 2021

Sajithlal MK ,Saranya Arumugham, Aparna Krishnan, Biju Soman "Setting up of Tribal Mobile Telemedicine Infrastructure for providing speciality care in Wayanad", 14th International Conference of Telemedicine Society of India (TSI). Telemedicon, 2018

Sajithlal MK, Sreekumar S, "Spell-Checker system for Malayalam : A heuristic approach", 34 th All India conference of Dravidian linguistics(Trivandrum), 2006