Dr. Sankara Sarma P.
Professor Senior Grade
Phone : 0471-2524232 (Office),0471-2743005 (Home).

PhD (Public Health); Major subjects- Biostatistics, Demography, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, 1991.

MHS (Biostatistics), The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, 1989.

MSc (Demography), University of Kerala, Trivandrum, India, 1981.

Research Associate, Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Trivandrum, Kerala, India: 1991-1994.

Assistant Professor, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), Trivandrum, Kerala, India: 1994-1998.

Associate Professor, SCTIMST, Trivandrum, Kerala, India: 1998-2002.

Additional Professor, SCTIMST, Trivandrum, Kerala, India: Since 2002.

Dr. K.C.K.E. Raja Award, University of Kerala, India during 1981.

Applications of Biostatistics in Health related disciplines.

Teaching course modules namely Basic biostatistics and Intermediate Biostatistics to students for the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and Diploma in Pubic Health (DPH) programme of the Institute at the Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies (AMCHSS). Also taking lecture sessions in Biostatistics to various Post doctoral and Post graduate training programmes of the institute like DM/MCH, MPhil, Diploma and certificate programmes.

Providing research guidance and statistical consultancy at the design, data analysis and interpretation stages of various research projects of faculty members, residents, doctoral and postgraduate students of the Institute.

Life member of Indian Society for Medical Statistics.

Life member of Indian Association for the study of Population.

Life member of Indian Society for Probability and Statistics.

Life member of Indian Public Health Association.

Life member of Nutrition Society of India.

Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factor Survey under the Integrated Disease Surveillance Project. (ICMR funded).

240 peer reviewed publications in research journals authored or co-authored.

Supervised about 50 MPH dissertations.


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