Mr. Subhash N. N.
Engineer 'C'
Phone : +91 9745329452 (Mobile)

PhD Candidate (2021- Ongoing), Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras.

M. Tech, IIT Madras, Chennai, 2012.

B. Tech, Mechanical Engineering, Govt. Engineering College Barton hill, Trivandrum, 2010.

Engineer-C, Division of Artificial Internal Organs, SCTIMST, Aug 2018- Till now.

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, Department of Technical Education, Govt. of Kerala, June 2017- Aug 2018.

Engineer- Chitra High Value Fellow C, Division of Artificial Internal Organs, Jan 2015- April 2017.

Engineer- Technology Advancement, Modeling & Simulation CoE, EATON Corporation, Oct 2012- Dec 2014.

Project Officer-Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, IIT Madras, July 2012- Oct 2012.

2023- Certificate of Merit- Best Biomedical Technology Innovation 2023 from SCTIMST

2023- Certificate of Excellence at Institute Day 2023, SCTIMST

2021- BRICS Young Scientist- Healthcare, Indian Delegation, BRICS Young Scientist Forum, Sep 2021.

2021-TATA Steel Material Next Pre-finalist; Team RES21756-Short Coir fibre Polylactic acid biocomposite for orthotic assist device.

2019- Mentor for the Young Innovators Program (YIP) 2018-21, Kerala Development Innovation Strategic Council.

2016- Award for the contribution towards the development of TTK Chitra heart valve TC2, Dec 2016 by SCTIMST.

2015- Outstanding award for Certified Reliability Professional (CRP), Sep 2015, by STQC, DeitY, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Gov of India.

2014- Design for Six Sigma, Green Belt, EATON USA.

2014- Simulation Technology Excellence Pioneer (STEP) Award, EATON.

2014-Fifth Intellectual Property disclosure award, EATON.

2010- Best outgoing student award 2010: Mechanical Engineering, by Alumini Association, Government Engineering College Barton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram.

2010- Kerala University 3rd Rank: B.Tech in Mechanical engineering.

2004- 15th rank in Kerala state for SSLC exam.

Interested in Translational R&D in Med-Tech, with focus on Technology Commercialization.

Business / Product segments: Cardiovascular implants, Minimally invasive devices , Ortho-rehab devices.

Focuses expertise on: (1) Structural Integrity & Mechanical Design (2) Advanced NDE (3) Reliability engineering.

M/s TATA Steel: Industry sponsored project on composites, 2022

BRICS Young Scientist Forum, 2021

M/s TATA Steel Material Next: Industry sponsored study on composites for orthotic applications, 2021

M/s Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras, 2021

M/s FUPRO Innovations Pvt Ltd: Industry sponsored study on prosthetic foots, 2021

M/s Tynor Orthotics Pvt Ltd: Industry funded project on offloading orthotics, 2020

M/s VST Mobility Solutions: collaboration for developing UVC and IoT based devices, 2020

M/s Modulus Housing Pvt Ltd: Co-development initiative for portable & deployable four zone field hospitals for covid19 management, 2020

Technology Development of (1) High risk high value implants (2) Ortho-Rehab devices

Industry consultancy and sponsored research

R&D for scaled commercialization

Lab to Market Transitions

A process of ascertaining reliability and determining safe service life of high risk medical implants like artificial heart valves using an accelerated durability testing apparatus (No. 201641012862, Indian Patent filed on Date. 12 April 2016, by Subhash NN, Muraleedharan CV.

A delivery device for positioning and deployment of stent grafts, (No. 201741039555) Indian Patent filed dated 7 Nov 2017.

An improved delivery device for deployment of stent grafts, Indian patent filed on Jan 2019, No. 201941003745 by Sujesh S, Krishna Kumar S, Subhash NN.

Biological fluid component separator and concentrate segregate system maker with closed adapter mechanism, Indian Provisional Patent filed on 23.10.2019, No. 201941043077 by Subin Sukesan, Renjith P Nair, Sarvana Babu MS, Prabha D Nair, Rupa Sreedhar, Shrinivas VG, Prasanta Kumar Dash, Nitha J, Anugya Bhatt, Subhash NN, Muraleedharan CV, Naresh K.

Orthotic device for offloading diabetic foot ulcer, No. 202041028700, Provisional specification filed on 6 July 2020 by Subhash NN and Muraleedharan CV

Bio Inspired Diabetic Foot Ulcer Offloading Device; Design Application Number. 321708-001; September 2019; Subhash NN, Nandini, Muraleedharan CV.

Biological fluid separator, Design Application Number 322862-001 on 22.10.2019; Binu M, Subhash NN, Subin Sukesan.

Bio inspired knee joint locking mechanism for stance control orthosis, Design Application Number. 325418-001 on 03.01.2020; Subhash NN, Aneesh S, Muraleedharan CV.

Device for the isolation of platelet rich plasma and other blood components; Design Application Number: 331433-001 on 28.07.2020; Renjith P Nair, Vinodkumar V, Anugya Bhatt, Subhash NN

Deployable field units for emergency response, Indian Patent filed on 31.03.2020, No. 202041014164, by Subhash NN, Muraleedharan CV

Face masks sanitization bin, Indian patent filed on 31.03.2020, No. 202041014200, by Subhash NN, Muraleedharan CV.

Chitra High Value Fellowship, SCTIMST, 2015-2017.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Life Member: Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ISNT)

Life member: Materials Research Society of India (MRSI)

Development of stance control knee ankle foot orthosis SCKAFO for knee instability management (P8206), Role- Principal Investigator, Funding Agency- DST, 2023, Duration-3 years.

Development of rigid knee brace for OA (P7445), Role- Principal Investigator, Funding Agency- TYNOR, 2020-2022

Development of off-loading orthotics (P7444), Role- Principal Investigator, Funding Agency- TYNOR, 2020-2021

Development of TiN coated coronary stent system (P 8152); Role- Principal Investigator (PI), Funding Agency- TRC, SCTIMST, 2019-2021.

Development of structural heart devices: (1) Aortic Stent Graft, (2) Atrial Septal Occluder, and (3) Annuloplasty Ring; Role: Co-Investigator, Technical Research Centre (TRC) for Biomedical Devices, SCTIMST, 2016-2020.

Structural Performance assessment of FUPRO Grace foot (P 7448); Role- PI, Funding Agency- FUPRO Innovations, 2021.

Biocomposite for orthotic assistive devices (P 7449); Role- Co PI, Funding Agency- TATA Steel, 2021.

Emergency response isolation systems (P 8228); Role- PI, TRC, 2020.

Ceramic tile forms and tile support matrix (P 6245): Role- Co PI, Funding Agency- TDF, SCTIMST, 2020-2022.

Reliability analysis of Improved Tilting Disc Heart Valve Prosthesis; Role- Chitra High Value Fellow C (2015-2017)

Have overall 10+ years of experience in Product Development & Project Management across multiple industries.

"Building capability in academia for industry engagement", Organized by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (Govt. of India), IIT Madras and Deloitte, 2021

Initiating orthotics device programs (As per Vision 2030- A perspective plan, SCTIMST)

Industry sponsored product development programs (As per Vision 2030- A perspective plan, SCTIMST)

M/s FUPRO Innovations Pvt Ltd: Industry sponsored study on prosthetic foots, 2021

Filed 4 Intellectual Property disclosures on Auto Bleed Valve (ABV) fluid and orientation sensing using Ultrasonic and capacitance fluid measurement (No. 14AE7704-14AE7707), EATON, Cleveland, USA.

Filed 1 Intellectual Property disclosure on Aircraft Fuel Tank Water Detection & Management System at European Patent Department, EATON (Docket No. 13TFD924).

Mr. Muraleedharan CV, Mr. Sujesh S, Mr. Ranjith G, Mr. Anoop Gopinathan, Dr. Manoj G, Dr. Sivakumar KGV, Mr. Saurabh S Nair, Mr. Arvind Kumar Prajapathi.

"Lab to market transition in MedTech", Institute of Biomaterials, Tribocorrosion, and Nanomaterials - India (IBTN) student chapter, 25 August 2022.

"Medical device design", K-DISC YIP, 25 Jan 2022.

"How to develop a medical device -A case study", TIPS @SCTIMST TIMed, 1 Dec 2021.

"NDE for QA/QC of biomedical applications such as high-risk implants" on Young Engineers Forum, ISNT, VSSC, 27 Oct 2021.

"An Institution Making A Difference", Healthcare Theme, BRICS Young Scientist Forum, Sep 2021.

"Design Protocol and procedure in the development of bio-devices", at National level FDP on Biomaterials, Bio-devices and Medical Imaging Processes, 14th Aug 2020.

"Four Zone deployable MediCAB for COVID19 management" at Every Breath Counts Coalition & COVID-19 response, on 7 Aug 2020.

"Covid19 fast track projects" on the symposium Electrosymp 2020, by VIT University Bhopal, on 18 July 2020.

Prediction of stress generated at insole sub-system of diabetic foot ulcer offloading device using full factorial DOE; Nameer Najeeb, M. Tech( Computer Integrated Manufacturing), TKM College of Engineering, 2022.

Stance assist device for knee instability; Anjana Devi AS, M. Tech (Translational Engineering), Govt. Engineering College Barton Hill, 2020.

Subhash NN, Mehra N, Choudhary A, Baby CJ, Aravind AU, Benny P, Muraleedharan CV. Structural Performance Assessment of FUPRO Grace Foot. Trends in Biomaterials & Artificial Organs. 2022 May 17;36(2):94-101.

Subhash N N, Muraleedharan CV and Shreeram R; Four Zone deployable MediCAB for COVID 19management, 5th World Congress on Disaster Management; 25 Nov 2021.

Neelakandan Subhash N, Sukesan A, Jerard J, Uthaman VP, Vasudevan VD, Amma PK, Nandkumar MA, Vayalappil MC. Chitra Ultraviolet-C-Based Facemask Disposal Bin. Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. 2020 Jun 18:1-9. DOI:

Subhash NN, Rajeev A, Sujesh S, Muraleedharan CV. TTK Chitra tilting disc heart valve model TC2: An assessment of fatigue life and durability. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine. 2017 Aug;231(8):758-65. DOI:

Subhash NN, Balasubramaniam K. Fluid level sensing using ultrasonic waveguides. Insight-Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring. 2014 Nov 1;56(11):607-12. DOI:

Thermal performance evaluation of Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) using coupled electric-thermal analysis, NAFEMS World Congress 2015, San Diego, California, USA; 06/2015.

Kerala Start Up Mission (KSUM): R & D Grant- Expert Committee 2022.

Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment (KSCSTE): Expert member for evaluation of project proposals under Student Project scheme 2021.

Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC): Mentor -Young Innovator Programme (2019-2021).

Distinguished Panelist at the Conclave on Assistive Technologies and Divyangjan, IISF 2020 during 23-24 Dec 2020.

Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi: National Consultative Brainstorming Work Shop on Technology Interventions for Disabled and Elderly, 2019.

Four Zone deployable MediCAB for COVID19 management; Co-developed and commercialized by M/s Modulus Housing Pvt Ltd, Role: Principal Investigator (PI).

Bin19: IoT based smart facemask disposal bin commercialized by M/s VST Mobility Solutions Pvt Ltd, Role: PI.

UVspot: Chitra UV-C based multipurpose disinfector commercialized by M/s VST Mobility Solutions Pvt Ltd, Role: PI.