Dr. Sujesh Sreedharan
Engineer 'G'
Phone : 0471 2520310

PhD, SCTIMST, 2019

MEE, Rice University, 2004.

B.Tech, IIT Bombay, 2001.

Engineer-G, SCTIMST, 2021-date

Engineer-F, SCTIMST, 2017-21

Engineer-E, SCTIMST, 2014-17

Engineer-D, SCTIMST, 2010-14

Engineer-C, SCTIMST, 2006-10

Engineer-B, SCTIMST, 2004-06.

Software Engineer, Motorola, India, 2001-2002.

Medical device development and testing.

Medical Image processing

Imaging Sciences and Interventional Radiology, SCTIMST - Vascular intervention, medical imaging, fNIRS

Cardiology Department, SCTIMST - Cardiovascular devices

Material Science Division, CSIR-NAL, Bengaluru - NiTi superelastic alloy based Cardiovascular devices

Surgical Oncology, Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum - Voice prosthesis.

Medical Devices: Computer aided design, Finite element analysis, In-vitro instrumentation and testing, Quality system documentation.

Medical Imaging: Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Brain computer interfaces, fNIRS, Deep learning, brain connectivity.

A delivery device with a release mechanism for deploying braided vascular devices. Patent. No: 497258.

A delivery system with a thumb wheel drive for stent graft positioning and deployment. Patent. No: 437272.

Implantable atrial septal occlusion device with left atrial disc having a low profile inter-twined centre. Patent. No: 437270.

An asymmetric design of a stent with enhanced crimpability, having enclosing struts, for use in blood vessels. Patent. No: 437267.

A self-expanding Flow Diversion Device with enhanced Kink Resistance and Radial Strength ? International Patent in South Africa - 2021/02576.

Implantable Atrial Septal Defect occlusion device with woven central section on left atrial flange. Patent. No: 489968. ? International Patent in South Africa - 2020/03941.

An improved stent for use in blood vessel with enhanced fixation. No. 429582

A delivery device for positioning and deployment of stent grafts. No. 422625.

A metallic stent for use in blood vessels. No: 357096.

Rice University Graduate Fellowship, 2002-04, TX, USA.

National Talent Scholarship, 1995-2001, India.

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, IEEE - 2002

Material Research Society of India.

Aortic Stent Graft - for endovascular treatment of thoracic aortic aneurysms.

Atrial Septal Defect Occluder - for minimally invasive closure of ASD.

Flow Diverter Stent - for catheterized treatment of cerebral aneurysms

Voice Prosthesis - for voice restoration of laryngectomees

Clot Retriever Stent - for treatment of acute ischemic stroke

FNIRS based brain computer interface - for rehabilitation.

Coronary Stent (Co-I)

Improved artificial heart valve (Co-I)

Development of neurofeedback system using fMRI. (PI)

Flow Diversion Stent - design optimization and prototyping (PI)

Self-regulation of Broca's area in post-stroke aphasic patients using real-time fMRI based neurofeedback. (Co-PI)

Titanium Nitride coatings for medical devices. (PI)

Project Management & Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices, ASCI

ISO 13485 - Internal Auditing of Quality Management Systems

ISO 17025 - Internal Auditing of Quality Management Systems

Managing Innovation and Technology for Competitiveness, ASCI

Braided structure for use in blood vessels, Design No: 328451-001

Implantable atrial septal defect occlusion device, Design No: 300221

Implantable atrial septal defect occlusion device with woven central section on left atrial flange, Design No: 300220

Stent crown for scaffolding blood vessels, Design No: 299425

Stent crown for scaffolding blood vessels, Design No: 299424

Stent crown for scaffolding blood vessels, Design No: 299423

Stent crown for scaffolding blood vessels, Design No: 299422

Stent crown for scaffolding blood vessels, Design No: 299421

A stent for blood vessels, Design No: 241378

A delivery device for positioning and deployment of stent grafts, Patent Appl No: 201741039555

A self expanding flow diversion device with enhanced kink resistance and radial strength, Patent Appl No: 201841049649

A braided cuff for preventing endoleaks in stent grafts, Patent Appl No: 201841049655

A release mechanism for use in catheterized delivery of cardiovascular implantable device inside the body, Patent Appl No: 201941000952

A voice prosthesis device with a one-way shunt valve, Patent Appl No: 201941003328

An improved delivery device for deployment of stent grafts, Patent Appl No: 201941003745

A braided stent, Patent Appl No: 201941022802

Muraleedharan CV.

Ranjith G

Rajeev A

Subhashkumar MS

Sivakumar KGV (Dr.)

Subhash NN

Saurabh S. Nair

Anoop Gopinathan.

Project Team - Krishnakumar S, Jijo Jerard, Anku S, Jnana NJ, Liji GV, Vivek PU, Amritha TS, Sujith V, Akhil, Mahesh, Narayanan, Sreehari, George.

Real-time classification of fNIRS signal using deep learning.

Finite element analysis of a coronary stent design.

Finite element analysis of an EVAR stent design.

Design and FEM analysis of a dental implant.

Signal Processing of artificial heart valve sounds.

Design and optimization of a flow diverter stent.

Wireless energy transfer using resonant coils.

Accelerated durability testing of coronary stents.

Accelerated durability testing of vascular grafts.

Functional MRI based real-time processing.

Functional connectivity analysis of fMRI data.


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Conference proceedings

C. J. Shibu, Sujesh S, Arun KM and C. Kesavadas, Comparison of classification performance of handpicked, handcrafted and automated-features for fNIRS-BCI system, 5th International Conference on Intelligent Informatics and Biomedical Sciences (ICIIBMS), Okinawa, Japan, 2020,
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