Public Health Information for Post-flood Management

Introduction to the Post-flood situation with estimates

The Kerala floods 2018, deadliest natural calamity in Kerala in the recent past has left the state in a devasted condition. More than three hundred and twenty are dead, around one hundred and fifty are hospitalised in critical conditions. Around 7000 houses are fully damaged, another set of 50000 houses are partially damaged, members from more than 2,75,000 houses were placed in around 2800 camps. Around 25,60,000 electric connections were disrupted.

In this situation, information with regards to disaster relief and rehabilitation measures from authentic sources are being compiled here.


Concerns in the near future

Returning homes, Household sanitation, Drinking Water, Preventing outbreaks.....
Children, Elderly, People with chronic ailments like NCDs...

General Health Care

Nutrition & adequate hydration, Snake bites and insect bite, Ensuring livelihood for disaster affected people....


Resources for Program Managers, Policy makers, & Researchers