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About the Division

The Division of Bioceramics of the Biomedical Technology Wing, SCTIMST, had been established in 1994 as a dedicated laboratory aiming at the indigenous development of bioceramic materials for bone graft applications.

The research area of Bioceramics mainly focuses on providing material solutions for bone defect repair. Bioceramics research originated globally during the mid-1970s when techniques were devised for converting synthetic hydroxyapatite (the bone mineral) to porous ceramic form suitable for bone defect filling in orthopedic surgery. Hydroxyapatite ceramics were proved to get resorbed physiologically and help the healing of the host bone in the natural way. Osteoconductive compounds containing silicate and calcium minerals, better known as ‘bioactive glasses’, were invented subsequently. Bioactive glasses became popular, as they had improved resorption and healing properties. Next generation materials for bone graft substitute were self-setting bioactive bone cements and mouldable polymer-bioceramic composites. The research and development activities in Bioceramics area generated a wide range of graft substitute products useful in managing bone defects arising out of trauma, cysts and tumors. Of recent, scientists are engaged in the development of scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.

The Division of Bioceramics has developed indigenously the know-how of making hydroxyapatite ceramics, novel bioactive glass, various bioactive composites and calcium phosphate based bone cements. These were made into different shapes, forms and formulations according to the surgeons’ requirement and proven clinically. The R&D activities in the division has realised a series of bone graft substitute products in Indian market, complying with International standards. Basic research on novel bone graft materials and R&D programs on new products are ongoing.

Facilities in the Division
  1. Characterization of bioceramics and bioactive glasses
  2. a. Phase analysis using X-Ray Diffractometry and FTIR
    b. Micromorphological analysis using SEM
    c. Microhardness and mechanical strength measurement
    d. Chemical composition and trace element estimation
  3. Electron Microscopy Facility
    a. Scanning Electron Microscopy and EDS analysis
    b. Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
    c. Transmission Electron Microscope
  4. Ceramic Coating Facility
    a. Plasma spray coating of bioceramics
    b. Pulsed laser coating of bioceramics
    C. Vapour deposition coatings of TiN and DLC
Test Services offered (Through Customer Service Cell)
  1. X-Ray Powder Diffraction
  2. Scanning Electron Microscopy and EDS analysis
  3. Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
  4. Transmission Electron Microscopy
  5. Microhardness Measurement
  6. Atomic Emission Spectroscopy ( OES-ICP)

Product Development and Technology Transfer activity

During the past decade, the following technologies were transferred :

  1. Hydroxyapatite ceramic granules for orthopedic and dental applications [multiple licensing],
  2. Bioactive composite ceramics for dental applications [multiple licensing],
  3. Injectable calcium phosphate cement for dental applications,
  4. Bioactive composite ceramics for orthopaedic applications,
  5. Calcium sulfate cement, and
  6. Hydroxyapatite and Tricalcium phosphate ceramics.

The Companies are :

  1. TopNotch, Aluva, Kerala ;
  2. Basic HealthCare, Chandigarh;
  3. ( Dorthom Medidents, Coimbatore;
  4. IFGL Bioceramics, Calcutta;
  5. G Surgiwear, Shajahanpur;
  6. Onyx Medicals, Meerut;
  7. Prevest DenPro, Jammu.

Projects (Past 10 years)
  1. "Biomimetic Processing of inorganic –organic composites for biomedical applications", DST (INDO –Japanese S&T Cooperation Joint Project) PIs: Dr.H.K.Varma and Prof.Y.Yokogawa, City University of Osaka, Osaka, Japan. 1. "Biomimetic Processing of inorganic –organic composites for biomedical applications", DST (INDO –Japanese S&T Cooperation Joint Project) PIs: Dr.H.K.Varma and Prof.Y.Yokogawa, City University of Osaka, Osaka, Japan.
  2. "Pilot level production of Bioactive Composite Granules for Dental Application" (PI: Dr.H.K.Varma), as a consultancy for DORTHOM Medi Dents Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore.
  3. "Testing and Optimization of Bioactive Ceramic Products" (PI: Dr.H.K.Varma), as a consultancy for Basic Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd, Chandigarh
  4. "Pulsed Laser Coating of Bioactive Ceramic Composite on Titanium Bone Implants" (PI : Dr.H.K.Varma, Co-PI : Dr.Manoj Komath), SRS Project of Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment.
  5. "Development Of Calcium Sulfate Based Injectable Bone Substitute" (PI : Dr.Manoj Komath, Co-PI : Dr.H.K.Varma) SERC Project of Dept of Science and Technology.
  6. "Synthesis of oxide based magnetic nanoparticles for biocompatibility studies, magnetic hyperthermia and MRI applications" (PI at SCTIMST : Dr.H.K.Varma and PI at IIT-Chennai : Prof.Ramachandra Rao), SERC Project of Dept of Science and Technology, with IIT Chennai collaboration.
  7. "Bioactive Inter-Vertebral Spacers for Lumbar Fusion" (PI: Manoj Komath), Technical Research Center (SCTIMST-TRC) funding.
  8. "Bioactive Material Platform for Drug Delivery in Bone" (PI: Dr.Harikrishna Varma), Technical Research Center (SCTIMST-TRC) funding.
  9. "Scaffolds Based on Self-assembling Peptide Dendrimers and Resorbable Calcium Phosphates for Endodontic Tissue Regeneration" (Project Co-ordinator : Dr.Manoj Komath), DBT (Task Force in Bioengibneering)
  10. "Programme Support on Translational Research on Biomaterials for Orthopaedic and Dental Applications" (PI at SCTIMST : Dr.H.K.Varma and PI at IISc Bangalore : Prof.Bikramjit Basu) DBT Center of Excellence Program (IISc Collaboration).
  11. "Bioceramic cages with axially aligned pores as a tricortical bone graft substitute" (PI: Manoj Komath), Technical Research Center (SCTIMST-TRC) funding.

Publications - Papers published in International Journals (last decade )
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  1. Injectable bioactive bone graft materials for minimally invasive defect repair.
  2. Drug eluting meso-nano porous bioceramics for eluting drugs in bone diseases.
  3. Hybrid bioceramic cages with osteoinductive cues for enhanced fracture union.
  4. Modified bioactive materials for dental tissue regeneration.
  5. Coating of hydroxyapatite layers on to titanium implant surface using Pulsed Laser Deposition and Plasma Spray, to increase the integration with bone.
  6. Silica-based biosensors for the detection of markers in blood for diagnostic applications.
  7. Magnetic nanoparticles for radiological and therapeutic applications.
  8. Biomatrices incorporating specific extracellular vesicles for the regeneration of bone.
  9. Luminal guidance structures with multi-functional channeling for peripheral nerve regeneration.
  10. Biomiemetic materials as bone implants.
  11. Bioeramics for Bone/Cartilage/Adipose Tissue engineering