Division of Bioceramics

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  1. X-Ray Powder Diffraction
  2. Scanning Electron Microscopy and EDS analysis
  3. Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
  4. Microhardness Measurement
  5. Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy ( ICP-AES)
  6. Transmission Electron Microscope; Ultramicrotome, knife maker, Isomet diamond cutter, Grinder & Polisher, Light and Phase Contrast Microscopes, Incubator, Laminar hood, centrifuges, homogenizer, etc
Product Development and Technology Transfer activity

The know-how of technology developed in the Bioceramics Lab, has been given to Four Companies. They have introduced in the Indian market, clinically useful products for orthopaedic and dental application. Some of their product currently available in the market in the trade name PERIOBONE G and ORTHOGRAN (TopNotch, Kerala), B-Ostin (Basic HealthCare, Chandigarh), Grabio Glascera (Dorthom Medidents, Coimbatore), BioGraft-HABG Active (IFGL Bioceramics, Calcutta).

Samples for analyses -

Biological Samples such as cells, gut, glands, polymer/ ceramic/ metal implanted samples in bone and muscle, leaves, bacteria, etc were received and prepared (fixed, embedded, sectioned, stained and photographed) for evaluation under Transmission Electron microscopy (TEM).

Inorganic samples such as Titanium oxide, Zinc oxide and Aluminium oxide and other ceramic powders like hydroxyapatite, bioglass, Zeolites; Lipid droplets, and gold nanoparticles were analyzed and photographed under TEM, both in the diffraction mode and normal mode.

  1. "Biomimetic Processing of inorganic –organic composites for biomedical applications", DST (INDO –Japanese S&T Cooperation Joint Project) ( PIs. Dr.H.K.Varma and Prof.Y.Yokogawa, City University of Osaka, Osaka, Japan)
  2. "Pilot level production of Bioactive Composite Granules for Dental Application" (PI: Dr.H.K.Varma), as a consultancy for DORTHOM Medi Dents Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore
  3. "Testing and Optimization of Bioactive Ceramic Products" (PI: Dr.H.K.Varma), as a consultancy for Basic Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd, Chandigarh
  4. "Pulsed Laser Coating of Bioactive Ceramic Composite on Titanium Bone Implants" (PI : Dr.H.K.Varma, Co-PI : Dr.Manoj Komath), SRS Project of Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment.
  5. "Development Of Calcium Sulfate Based Injectable Bone Substitute" (PI : Dr.Manoj Komath, Co-PI : Dr.H.K.Varma) SERC Project of Dept of Science and Technology.
  6. Synthesis of oxide based magnetic nanoparticles for biocompatibility studies, magnetic hyperthermia and MRI applications (PI at SCTIMST : Dr.H.K.Varma and PI at IIT Chennai : Prof.Ramachandra Rao) , SERC Project of Dept of Science and Technology, with IIT Chennai collaboration.
Publications (last 5 years period)
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  1. 1 Japanese and 10 Indian patents
  1. Micro and nano porous bioceramic substrates having capacity to carry drugs and biologics for the treatment of refractory osteomyelitis and osteonecrosis.
  2. Bone filler cements based on calcium sulphate and calcium phosphates, which are superior in resorption characteristics and having the capacity for drug delivery.
  3. Coating of hydroxyapatite layers on to titanium implant surface using Pulsed Laser Deposition technique, so as to increase the integration with bone.
  4. Silica-based biosensors for the detection of markers in blood for diagnostic applications.
  5. Magnetic nanoparticles for radiological and therapeutic applications.
  6. Biomiemetic materials as bone implants.
  7. Ceramics as Bone substitutes - Bone/Cartilage/Adipose Tissue engineering; Adult Stem Cell Research (MSCs) from Bone marrow & Adipose tissue.Microscopy evaluation of cells and tissues (soft & hard) and its response to materials - in vitro and in vivo