Division of Biosurface Technology

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The basic activities of the division are to understand the blood/tissue material interactions at the interface and develop modified surfaces for various biomedical applications such as Haemoperfusion column, Bioprosthetic Heart Valve, angiogenic and wound healing materials etc. Laboratory is also interested in modifying interfaces towards drug release studies including development of gene delivery systems, oral insulin/heparin delivery systems, artificial skin-transdermal delivery systems and possible peptide delivery system based on polymeric and inorganic nano/microparticles. Department of Science & Technology has funded to develop Facilities for nano/micro particles based biomaterials for Advanced Drug Delivery Systems (FADDS).


Infrastructure, equipments etc

Real Time PCR - Biorad i-cycler IQ5
Viscometer Analyser - Newport Scientific, RVA Starchmaster 2
Fluorescent Spectrophotometer - TECAN Infinite M200
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) - TA Instruments, DSC Q20
Fluorescent Microscope - Leica DMI 3000B
Freeze Dryer (tray type) - Labconco, Freezone 6plus
High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) - Shimadzu, LC 2010A HT
Luminescent Image Analyser (in vivo) - Fuji, LAS 4000
Raman Microscope (Confocal) - Witec, Alpha 3000R
Rotary Evaporator - IKA, RV10 Digital
Humidity Chamber - CM Envirosystems, Climastat 225
MilliQ Water purification system - Millipore, MilliQ Synthesis
Quartz Crystal Nanobalance - ELCHEMA EQCN700
Particle size/zeta potential analyser - Malvern Instruments Nano ZS
Langmuir Blodget Trough - KSV Instruments KSV 2000
Ellipsometer - Gaetner Inc.
Gamma Counter - Perkin Elmer Wizard 1470
Spectrophotometer - Vraian Cary 50
Texture Analyser - Stable Microsystems TXT Plus

Offered to Public, within institute


Indo-Spain project entitled "Development of nanodevices for DNA delivery and cell transfection using Elastin Like Polymers (ELPs) coupled to cell interaction motifs" - DST, New Delhi

Facility for micro/nanoparticles based biomaterials for Advanced Drug Delivery Systems (FADDS) - with DST, New Delhi under DPRP programme.

Oral Insulin Delivery - with CSIR, New Delhi under NMITLI programme, in collaboration with USV Ltd. Mumbai

Microparticles based Hemostatic chitosan material - with India Sea Foods, Cochin


32 patents including in Canada, European Union, Japan and USA


The projects ongoing and completed by the group relate to the development of Small Diameter Vascular Graft, Hemoperfusion Column, Artificial Wound Dressing Materials - Transdermal Delivery system, Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite, development of nanoparticles and its uses towards drug (peptide) delivery systems and coatings to enhance tissue compatibility of implants, Hemodialysis membranes, improvement of Bioprosthetic Heart valve via surface modifications, and Oral Insulin Delivery Systems (under NMITLI, CSIR, New Delhi) using pH sensitive microspheres/nanoparticles loaded with liposome/ b-cyclodextrin derivatives/ lipids encapsulated insulin. Basic activities also relate understanding of blood/tissue - material interactions at the interface. Recently Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi , has approved the Development of "Facilities for Micro/Nanoparticles based Advanced Drug Delivery Systems (FADDS)" to his laboratory with a funding of over US$ 1 million.