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The Department of Microbiology provides diagnostic services to the Hospital in the areas of Bacteriology, Virology, Serology, Mycology and Parasitology. The laboratory works round the clock and all kinds of specimens are accepted 24 hrs of the day.

In addition, the Dept. has an ongoing Homograft project to supply cadaver valves for valve repair in collaboration with the Forensic Dept. of Medical College, Trivandrum. The Dept. also has an active role in the control of nosocomial infections, having undertaken several surveillance activities, outbreak control and helps in the activities of the Infection Control Team in formulation of guidelines and policies, as also data collection.


A.   Academic services :

The observership programme with the programme details and application form :

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B.    Laboratory services :

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Clinical Microbiology lab is open 24hrs on all days.

Connection to the Intranet laboratory reporting system is via 4 computers linked to the central Computer division. The HOD has a computer, which is also linked to the intranet for correcting and checking reports that are sent out. Advice on antibiotic usage, dose and MIC(by VITEK or e-test) is given by HOD.


Receiving specimens, printing out the requests and despatch to different sections.


Culture and sensitivity of:
a) Blood
b) Urine
c) Pus
d) Fluids and aspirates
e) CSF
f) Sputum/Endotracheal aspirate/Nasal swab/Throat swab
g) Faeces
h) Miscellaneous items like cannula tips/ tissue/lead wire


a) AFB Culture
b) MB BacT- rapid liquid culture for AFB(only samples from sterile areas)


Fungal culture for yeasts and moulds- all specimens except swabs and sputum.


a). ASO
b). RF
c). CRP
d). Procalcitonin
e). Widal test
f). Paul Bunnel
g). Brucella antibodies*

Thyroid Function tests


Viral Serology

a). Antibody detection - HIV, HCV, Hep B*(titre after vaccination)
b). Antigen detection - HbsAg

Molecular diagnostics

a). RT-PCR for Mycobacterium tuberculosis
b). RT-PCR for Brucella
c). RT-PCR for viruses that cause encephalitis- (Adeno, Herpes virus-1 to 7, Enterovirus, Parvovirus and B19)
d). RT-PCR for Tropical fever agents (Dengue virus, Rickettsiae, Salmonella, West Nile virus, Plasmodium, Chikungunya virus, Leptospira)
e). FilmArray (BioFire) panels for meningoencephalitis, respiratory tract infections and blood culture identification.

On special request

Antimicrobial resistance gene detection.

* Only when kit is available. Please call 402/222/202 for enquiries