Technology/Product Details


Medical Devices

1.  External Pneumatic Compression Equipment(EPSE) for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis

2.  Electromagnetic Blood flow meter

3.  Infant Warming wrapper/bassinet

4.  Blood and IV fluid warming system

5.  Hydroxyapaptite bone graft substitutes

6.  Calcium phospho silicate bone graft substitute

7.  Hydroxyapatite nanogel for root canal filling

8.  Calcium sulfate cement

9.  Visible light cure dental restorative composite based on organically modified ceramic resin

10.  Visible light cure Radiopaque composite based on Ormoresin

11.  VLC Bioactive Composite

12.  Bioactive Composite with Antimicrobial properties

13.  Hydroxyapatite dense spacers

14.  Hydroxyapatite based cranial burr hole closure device

15.  Calcium-phospho-silicate composite periodontal graft material

16.  Calcium phosphate bone cement

17.  Bioactive calcium sulfate cement

18.  Recombinant proteins - Transformation growth factor-alpha (TGF-alpha) and Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)

19.  Immunoisolation bags / prototype biohybrid pancreas

20.  Albumin as curcumin delivery vehicle for anti-cancer activity

21.  Polymeric microneedles

22.  X ray opaque polyurethanes

23.  Fibrin Wafer

24.  Fibrin Wafer for Curcumin Delivery

25.  Skin Substitute : PLGC-F-HA

26.  PVA sponge

27.  Fibrin sealant

28.  De-cellularised Bovine Pericardium for Cardiovascular Patch Applications

29.  Glutaraldehyde cross-linking of pericardium with anti-mineralization treatment

30.  PT/INR monitoring device

31.  TB screening device

32.  Wound dressing portfolio

33.  Hydrocephalus shunt

34.  Centrifugal Blood Pump with Blood Flowmeter

35.  Para-Corporeal Left Ventricular Assist Device

36.  Intracranial electrodes for use in acute and chronic Electrocorticography for periods up to 15 days


1.  System for vapour polishing of plastic components

2.  Diamond like carbon based protective coating(RAXACOAT®)

3.  Validation of Ethylene Oxide / Steam Sterilization equipment/process