SCTIMST – BMT Wing is actively engaged in applied and translational research in areas of biomedical devices, biologics and biomaterials since late 1970s. The technologies developed indigenously by SCTIMST have been transferred to several industries, which have benefitted both the industry and society at large. Our record is marked with development of innovative and popular products such as the artificial heart valve ( TTK Healthcare Ltd), blood bags ( Peninsula polymers, now Terumo Penpol Ltd, HLL Lifecare Ltd), hydrocephalus shunt (HLL Lifecare Ltd), membrane oxygenator& cardiotomy reservoirs (SIDD Lifesciences Ltd), bio ceramic composites for dental and orthopedic applications ( Basic Healthcare Ltd, IFGL Refractories Ltd,), dental composites ( Anabond Stedmann Pharma Ltd), Intrauterine Device (HLL Lifecare Ltd), vein viewer (Agappe Diagnostics Ltd), Chitra Emergency Breathing Assist Device (Wipro enterprises pvt ltd) Multiplex RT PCR kit which targets two SARS COV2 genes RdRp and ORFb- nsp14 and the human RNAse gene as the internal control ( Huwel lifesciences pvt ltd), Chitra RNA isolation kit ( Agappe diagnostics ltd), Bone cement (Onyx medicals pvt ltd ) etc to name a few.

Also post Technology Transfer activities are ongoing for many more products like ASD occlusion device, flow diverter stent, Radiopaque embolization device, LVAD, cholecyst derived scaffold for wound dressing applications, Diagnostic kit with antibiogram for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Tuberculosis screening device, PT/INR monitoring device, injectable hydrogel for cartilage repair, lint free absorbent wound dressing etc.

Last date : 31st December 2023


SCTIMST is now offering technologies for licensing to enterprises including start ups for further scaling up and commercialization. These technologies are available in different stages of readiness levels such as proof of concept, pre-clinical / clinical evaluation. The technologies can be licensed either on exclusive or non-exclusive basis against payment of a combination of up-front lump sum fee and annual royalties, which will vary from product to product. Information on the technologies currently available for licensing may be viewed from the right side links.

Those interested are encouraged to contact Technology Business Division on phone - 0471-2520309/308 or email: for further information or clarifications on the above and to facilitate visits and detailed discussions.

Interested parties may submit EoI proposals in the specified format(Annexure 1,2 & 3) indicating the technology/product of interest addressed to Head, BMT Wing, SCTIMST, Poojapura, Trivandrum-695012, latest by 12:00 noon on 31st December 2023 as signed hard copy.

Technology/Product Details