Dr. Ramesh P.
Scientist 'G' & Scientist-in-Charge [Joint]
Phone : 0471 2520225 (D),0471 2340801 Extn.225/265/275/207 (Off.),0471 2343752 (Res.),Fax: 0471 2341814 .

Ph.D., IIT, Kharagpur, West Bengal, 1993.

M.Tech, Polymer Technology, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi,1989.

B.Tech, Polymer Science and Rubber Technology, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, 1987.

Scientist F & joint-in-charge, Polymer Processing Laboratory & Deputy Quality Manager, SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram. December 2009 - to date.

Scientist at SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram. December 1993 - December 2009.

Research Associate (CSIR) at Rubber Technology Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, October 1992 - December 1993.

University First Rank with First Class & Honours for B.Tech.

University First Rank with First Class for M.Tech.

Biomedical applications of polymers.

Polymer blends & composites,Nanocomposites.

Electrospinning of polymers and composites.

Non-toxic natural rubber latex products, Conductive composites for bio-electrodes.

Electrospinning of polymers and composites, degradable composites, electrically conductive composites, non-toxic natural rubber latex products.

'A process for preparing rubber articles of low friction coefficient' Roy Joseph, P.Ramesh and R.Sivakumar.

'Spray dried hydroxyapatite microspheres and a class of microstructured microspheres for biomedical applications', H.K.Varma, P.Ramesh, M.C.Sunny & S. Suresh Babu.

'Dense and porous ceramic microspheres by a novel stirring method', H.K.Varma, S. Suresh Babu, M.C.Sunny & P.Ramesh.

'Osteoconductive bioceramic filled polymer composites for use as bone substitute' P.Ramesh and H.K.Varma.

Visiting Scientist, Institute for Composite Materials, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, July-August 2001 & November 2003.

Member - Society for Polymer Science India, Materials Research Society of India, Society for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs.

'Combination product of polymer-ceramic composites with cells and growth factors for bone tissue engineering applications', (Funded by Dept. of Biotechnology) (Principal Investigator).

'Development of a Dura Substitute by Electrospinning of e-Caprolactone-co-Lactide Polymers' (Funded by KSCSTEC), (Principal Investigator).

'Implanted Neural Interfaces and Control Schemes for Artificial Hand Control' (Funded by Dept. of Biotechnology), in collaboration with CMC, Vellore. (Co-investigator).

'Development and Evaluation of a drug releasing intra-uterine system', (Funded by HLL Lifecare Ltd., Trivandrum), January 2007- Dec.2010 (Co-investigator).

Dr. M.C.Sunny, JSO.

Mr.Arjun G. Namboodiri, Ph.D. student.

Ms.Priya A. Nair, Ph.D. student .

Ms.Remya K.R., Project Staff.

Ms.Jasmin Joseph, Project Staff.

Mr.Ansar E.B., Project Staff.

Mr. Arun Govil S., Apprentice Trainee


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