Dr. TV Anilkumar
Scientist 'G' & Head
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Cert LAM (2012, University of Guelph, Canada): Post-doctoral Certificate in Laboratory Animal Medicine

PhD, Faculty of Medicine (1996, University of London): Imperial College School of Medicine at Hammersmith (Royal Postgraduate Medical School

MSc Experimental Pathology and Toxicology (1991, University of London), Royal Postgraduate Medical School

MVSc, Veterinary Pathology (1986, Kerala Agricultural University), Centre of Excellence in Pathology, College of Veterinary &Animal Sciences, Mannuthy

BVSc&AH, Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry) (1983, Kerala Agricultural University), Thrissur, India.

Scientist-F (Veterinary Pathology),Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology,January 2012 to date

Scientist-E (Veterinary Pathology),Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology,January 2008 to December 2012

Scientist-E (Veterinary Pathology),Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology,January 2004 to December 2008

Scientist-C (Veterinary Pathology),Scientist-E (Veterinary Pathology),Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology,January 2000 to December 2004

Assistant Professor (Veterinary Pathology), Kerala Agricultural University, November 1995 to January 2000

Research Scientist (Veterinary Surgeon), Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, November 1987- September 1990

Junior Assistant Professor, Kerala Agricultural University, November 1985 to November 1987

Adjunct professor, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Pookode, Wayanad, 2013 onwards

: Cutting Edge Research Enhancement and Scientific Training (CREST-Award: Department of Biotechnology), Government of India for taking up Visiting Scientist position at the Department of Molecular Pathobiology, School of Medicine in Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA for 12 months from February 2012 (7 months).-2011

Dr. CM Singh Award: Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists for the Best research article published in the Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology-2007

Dr PP Gupta Oration Award of the Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists for outstanding contributions in Toxicologic Pathology. (Note: This award is given to a senior and reputed veterinary pathologist every year for their outstanding contribution)-2006

ORS Award (Overseas Research Students Award) for studies at the Imperial College School of Medicine at Hammersmith) leading to PhD of the University of London. The award was administered by The Committee of The Principals and Vice Chancellors in the UK and selection was based on international merit. 1991-95

ODASSS Award (Overseas Development Agency Shared Scholarship Scheme) for studies at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital (MSc: Toxicology and Experimental Pathology, University of London). It was a highly competitive international award administered by the Association of Commonwealth, London on an international platform., 1990

Experimental and Toxicological Pathology

Use of animal-derived extracellular matrix for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medical applications

Pathology of Laboratory Animals

Laboratory Animal Medicine/Welfare

Consultant Experimental and Toxicological Pathology

Pandit A and Anilkumar TV (US Patent 7550152, June, 2009; Application. No. 11226035 filed on 09/14/2005): Tissue graft scaffold made from cholecyst-derived extracellular matrix

TV Anilkumar and A Pandit (Irish Patent 84394, 2006): Tissue graft scaffold

Anilkumar TV (877/CHE/2012): A simplified procedure for isolating tissue-engineering-scaffolds from small intestinal submucosa of warm blooded animals

Anilkumar TV (985/CHE/2012): A simplified procedure for isolation of tissue-engineering-scaffold from cholecyst

Anilkumar TV (1176/CHE/2012): A simplified procedure involving pre-isolation in situ cross linking of biomolecules for isolating tissue-engineering-scaffolds from urinary bladder of warm blooded animals

Revi D and Anilkumar TV (2338/CHE/2013): A procedure for fabricating xenograft using mammalian cholecyst-derived extracellular matrix for wound healing applications

Anoop S, Anilkumar TV, Syam KV (5649/CHE/2013): A method for fabricating corneal-grafts using mammalian cholecyst-derived extracellular matrix.

Dhanush Krishna, ND Nair, Syam KV and Anilkumar TV (6135/CHE/2013): A procedure for fabricating and using decellularized porcine cholecyst as muscle graft for repairing full or partial thickness abdominal defect/hernia.

Revi D, Anoopkumar T and Anilkumar TV (6194/CHE/2013): A method for fabricating skin-graft by loading cells on cholecyst extracellular matrix for wound healing applications

Visiting Faculty (01 March to 30 September 2012): Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Tissue engineering (November, 2003 - September, 2004): National centre for Biomedical Engineering Sciences National, National University of Ireland, Republic of Ireland

Visiting Scientist: 01 September to 31 October, 1996 (Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK

FIATP, Fellow of the International Academy of Toxicologic Pathology, 2013

Member, Society of Toxicologic Pathology, USA, 2010

DICVP, Diplomate of the Indian College of Veterinary Pathologists, 2008

FIAVP, Fellow of the Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists, 2008

FRMS, Fellow, Royal Micrioscopical Society, Oxford, UK, 1994

Mrs. CS Geetha, Junior Scientific Officer

Dr. Akhila Rajan, Principal Investigator, DST-Young Scientist Scheme

Mrs. Reshma S, DST-Inspire Fellow

Ms. Manjula PM, KSCSTE-Fellow


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