Blood Donation

1. When can one start donating blood?
An individual can start blood donation at the age of 18 years.
2. What is the minimum body weight a person should have for blood donation?
A minimum of 45Kg.
3. What is the safe interval between two blood donations for a donor?
Safe interval for blood donation is a period of 3 months.
4. What is the minimum hemoglobin requirement for the donor?
Minimum hemoglobin requirement is 12.5gm %.
5. Till what age can one donate blood?
A person can donate blood up to an age of 55 years. If the donor is medically fit and is a regular donor he can continue donation till the age of 60 years.
6. Can females donate blood?
Yes! Females can also donate blood at an interval of 4 months period.
7. Will blood donation cause infections?
Donating blood under the supervision of qualified blood bank officers and blood collection at licensed blood banks are 100% safe.
8. What is the quantity of blood collected during one donation?
An amount of 350ml - 450ml is the maximum quantity of blood that can be donated at a time.
9. How long does it take for the body to replace the donated blood?
The quantity is replaced in 24 hours time and cells in 6 weeks time.
10. Why should one donate blood?
Blood is an everyday need in hospitals. There is a shortage of supply and only 2/3 of blood required is available.
11. Will frequent blood donation affect one's health?
No. Frequent blood donation does not affect one's health. Blood donation may makes one feel healthier. Regular blood donation helps the body to maintain cholesterol, iron at optimal levels and gives a sense of well being.
12. How can one become a voluntary blood donor at your blood bank?
Anyone who would like to donate blood voluntarily can visit the blood bank of the Institute during 8am-3pm on any working day and donate blood so that we can help the needy patients.
13. What other information can your blood bank give us?
We have a component separation unit using which the donor's blood can be separated into components (cells, plasma etc.). This helps us to provide the patients with the necessary product.

We encourage voluntary blood donation camps where our staff come and collect the blood. Voluntary blood donation camps help us to serve those patients who cannot arrange blood donors or who come from far off places. By such an act of yours you can serve the society and offer your support for a humanitarian cause.
14. Where should one contact if one wants to organize Voluntary Blood Camps?
If one wants to organize Voluntary Blood Camps they can contact in the below mentioned address:

TRIVANDUM - 11, Email:
PHONE NOS: 2524476, 2524676 (8AM - 4PM, ON ALL WORKING DAYS)