Course work for PhD scholars registered in AMCHSS

Approved course work for Ph D scholars registered in AMCHSS. The structure and content of the courses and other guidelines are as below:

Compulsory (Obligatory) courses will cover seven (7) credits. The students will be free to choose the rest of their courses for three (3) credits from those offered at AMCHSS by faculty, as notified from time to time, with the approval of the DAC, to make up the ten mandatory credits.
The DAC may recommend more than ten credits, if found necessary
The compulsory courses will cover Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Computers and Data Management, Research Methodology and Ethics. The details of the suggested courses are as follows:
Name of course
Essential biostatistics for health research
Introduction to epidemiology for health research
Database Management and use of computers for health research
Ethics in health research
*Quantitative methods for health research
*Qualitative methods for health research

*Students have to take one of these courses (depending on the area of research); the other one may be treated as optional

The obligatory (compulsory) courses will be separate courses for Ph D scholars only, though some of the class-room sessions may be shared with the MPH classes. Their credit rating may be different from the corresponding courses for MPH, reflecting the degree of emphasis. The syllabus and course outline of all these courses are available with the respective course instructors, or the office of AMCHSS

Ph D scholars may be required to attend partly or wholly the lecture classes meant for the MPH program, as per the instructor’s suggestion. In addition, the instructor may suggest further readings or discussion sessions.

There shall be separate exams for the Ph D scholars in these courses, and a separate transcript with letter grading will be submitted to the academic section. The exam schedule may be prepared by the instructor and intimated to the scholars well in advance, preferably in the beginning of the year. Exams will be conducted during the June and December breaks every year, and all scholars may be encouraged to complete the courses by the second year.
Ph D scholars registered in NIE and CMC:

They can complete their coursework in their respective institutions. However, they will have to clear the exams conducted in AMCHSS for the compulsory courses (7 credits). These will be conducted every June and December, and the students may send a request for appearing for the exam to the HOD, AMCHSS with the recommendation of their guide, a month in advance of the exam dates in June and December. They may appear for all or any of the compulsory courses at one sitting. For the optional courses, they can produce a certificate from their respective institutions with the name of the course and the grade they have obtained, or they may opt to attend any of the optional courses offered at AMCHSS.