Department of Biomaterial Science and Technology

The Department focuses on the development of novel biomaterials and the translation of these technologies into viable and affordable products. The research teams are pursuing state-of-the-art developmental work related to nanobiomaterials, bone graft substitute materials, bioceramic coatings, drug eluting ceramic structures, advanced polymeric compositions, nano/micro delivery systems, bioactive cements, glass-ionomer cements etc. These are being explored for various applications like bone tissue engineering, regenerative dentistry, drug and biologics delivery, photodynamic and photothermal therapy and biomaterials based sensors and diagnostic devices. Products being designed include bioceramics based graft materials, biocompatible and resorbable polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering and wound healing, and organically modified composites.
The Department of Biomaterial Science and Technology has been instituted with a vision of being a unique centre in the country for the synthesis and evaluation of biomaterials for various biomedical applications. It consists of the following Divisions : (I) Division of Bioceramics, (II) Division of Biophotonics and Imaging, (III) Division of Biosurface Technology, and (IV) Division of Dental Products.

    • > Division of Bioceramics
    • This division mainly concentrates on the research and development of various bone graft materials such as hydroxyapatite porous granules, bioactive glass and their composites, calcium phosphate cements etc. Research is also on going in the areas of bioceramic-polymer composites and biomimetic processing. The laboratory is equipped with X-Ray Diffractometer, Microhardness Tester etc. This facility has a Scanning Electron Microscope attached with an Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis (EDS) system with OXFORD Link Ultracool Detector, having a resolution of 133eV/Mn. Read More...

    • > Division of Biophotonics and Imaging
    •

    • > Division of Biosurface Technology
    • The basic activities of the division are to understand the blood/tissue material interactions at the interface and develop modified surfaces for various biomedical applications such as haemoperfusion column, bioprosthetic heart valve etc. Laboratory is also interested in modifying interfaces towards drug release studies including oral insulin delivery system, artificial skin, transdermal delivery systems and possible peptide delivery system based on porous hydroxyapatite microspheres. Read More...

    • > Division of Dental Products
    • Dental Products division has already developed and transferred technologies of various dental materials such as dental composites, dentine bonding agent and single solution bonding agent to industry which are marketed under the brand names Restofill, Stedbond and Stedbond S. Currently the laboratory is engaged in the development of glass ionomer cement, caries dissolving agents, nano and organically modified ceramic composites for dental applications, intrauterine drug releasing systems and polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering. The other activities include spectroscopic evaluation using FT Raman for atherosclerosis, microcomputerised tomograhic analysis (Micro CT) of polymer scaffolds, ceramics, bone implants and dental tissues. Read More...

  • Faculty

  • Dr. Manoj Komath, Scientist G
    Head of the Department
  • Dr. Manju S., Scientist E
    Department Coordinator